College of Saint Mary Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Life isn't easy. College isn't easy. And honestly, it's just going to keep getting harder, but that doesn't mean you quit trying. Now is the time to try your best and you will succeed. All of the hurt and pain you had to go through to get to the end will all be worth it. Even though you may not know what you want to do for the rest of your life, that doesn't mean you're a failure. College is about trying new things and somewhere along the line you'll figure out what you want to do. Once you figure out what it is that makes you click, take it and run. Like I said before, always try your best and you will succeed. Throughout the new adventures with people you thought you would never meet, don't forget about yourself. Take care of yourself and do what is best for you. Don't you ever change for anyone. And along all the confusion and chaos, don't forget about God and your family. They will ALWAYS be there for you every step of the way.


I would tell myself that I should look for more scholarship oppertunitys as a senior in High school. I also wish I could have taken more college classes. I would tell myself that I need to look at more colleges and see if there are any that would fund my schooling. I transitioned fine from being a high school student to being a college student, I would like to have looked for a school that could meet my educational requierments for myself. I expected this collegte to be way harder then what it is. I want a good education for myself so that I can make a difference in others lives. One last thing I would sayu to myself is "Dont expect much out of other students."


It has been valiable to attend because i have always wanted to either be a nurse or a teacher... I first pursued being a teacher but after taking a few classes for it, i wasn't interested. So i moved on to nursing and i really love it...There is always something new to learn and fast paced.


The studies involved in my classes have really helped me to brush back up on academics. I am a recent G.E.D. graduate and have really missed out on the education scene. The experience is really turning out to be a great one for me, except for the finacial portion. Being first year and sememster in college is more valuable for me to attend; as I've already a late start in continuing my education into college. It's giving me a great deal of knowlege and experience in the fields I want to pursue in lfe to work my way up in a career. Getting through college is my value of attending while the experience I hope can remain a good one.


I graduated from high school in 2007. At the time college was a blur to my prority list. I spent a year struggling from minimum wage job to minimum wage job. I decided that I wanted something more for my future. My parents sat down with my and explained the importance of getting a good education. College education looked better on a resume and it would expand my chances of getting a better job. I decided to attend a local community college early January of last year. It took time for me to adjust to going to school full time and working full time. The homework and study loads were almost unbearable at times. Some how I managed to pull myself through it. College helped me open the door to my future. I am currently working on a two year degree and I plan on following up with a four year degree at a different community college. College has provided me with new social and learning experiences. I have learned to adapt to different educational environments. I am glad that I made the decision to further my education. I know that the future will be brighter for my family.


I have gotten a lot out of my college experience. I moved 6 hours away from home so this has given me and opportunity to be out on my own and become more independent. Experiencing dorm life has been very interesting. At home when it is time fore bed you can have your space and complete silence if you want. Here it is the exact opposite, late nights, loud people, and it seems like you never get a good nights sleep. Overal my college experience has been good and would not change much about it.


This is a big decision that needs to be thought about carefully. You really like personal attention from teachers, so a smaller school would fit you the best. The quality of the education you are going to receive is one of the most important things to consider because this will lead you to vet school. You should go somewhere that you can get a good education and have fun at the same time. College is the time when you really figure out who you are. You should go somewhere that you can try out different things and figure out what your passions in life are. You know you are passionate about soccer, but you should not make your decision based on that alone. If you choose a school that has a high quality of education, variety of activities, and a strong support network you will excel in every aspect and have the best time of your life so far.


When I went to college the first time I dropped out after my first semester. If I could go back in time and tell myself as a senior in high school, I would tell myself just to keep going. Even if an opportunity comes up that may seem better then going to school, it is not. Just keep at it and become the person you want to become. It does not matter what anyone else wants you to do, going to class and getting good grades is more important.


Go into college knowing it takes a lot of time and effort, but also enjoy every minute of it. Make as many friends as possible and have fun! Put your mind to what you want to do and do it! If you're a student-athlete know that you have to transition from school and sports a lot and work around your schedule. Never give up in anything and always know God is there for you, especially when you need him most. If you struggle with finding friends, pray to God and he will help you find your place and the group of friends that is best for you. If you're not sure on what you want your major to be, don't rush it, pray to Him and He will help with that also. You won't know what you want to do right away, but it will come to you. This is the best advice I would go back and give myself as a high school senior.


Look at as many colleges you can. Make sure you choose a college for yourself and not because it is where all your friends are going, or thats where your parents went. Be very open minded when searching.


I would tell parents to know the curriculum of the college and the major their son or daughter want to study so that they child will be getting the most out of college I also say dont pick colleges based on their tuition prices and such a community college is great also .


They should go visit the college and ask a lot of questions reguarding the program of their choice and make sure that the college is the right college for them.


I would say, go solely to the college that has the most to offer you. You need to look at the entire picture. Not just the academics, not only athletics, and not just the social scene, or so on. All of those things need to be weighed out in your mind equally. They all are a huge part of your college life. You need to be happy with each part. Sometimes it's hard to find the whole package, but you just have to use your best judgment and follow your heart. You can't choose a college to please anyone but yourself. You're going to be pushed and pulled every which way, but it's ultimately your choice. The student is going to be the one making all the new experiences at this college; they must be able to enjoy this experience. These four years are supposed to be some of the best years of your life. This is when you are beginning your life as a young adult; this is when you are making lifelong friends, and possibly a life partner. This is the road to starting your new, more grown up life. Make every moment count!


I looked at several different colleges before choosing to go to College of Saint Mary. Choosing a college is a huge decision to make and is very overwhelming! My advice to those who are trying to pick out there dream college would be do not follow the crowd, choose the right college for you. I did not know anyone before I came to college. All of my classmates and friends chose different locations. However, I knew right off the bat that this was the college for me and I was not letting fear of not knowing anyone make the decision for me. I knew what I wanted when I was looking at colleges and knew that I could not get this quality of education anywhere else. I have no regrets on my decision to this day. I knew what I wanted in a college and went for my dreams!


I would say that it's important to fully look at all financial aid options. Pick a school that you can grow as an individual.


Always visit the school you are interested in. Don't be afraid to visit many schools and visit the ones you are most interested in more than once. Ask questions! If you are interested in a particular field, look at the curriculum and the amount of work involved. Talk to the heads of the department and the students in the program. To make the most of the college experience, you should try to go to every orientation activity because that is how you will meet people at first. It is nerve racking at first to meet so many people at once, but it helps in the long run. Finally, don't be afraid to ask for help. Whether it is from upper classmen, friends, teachers, or tutors.


I would advise that they find the college that has their program as one of the top careers they teach. I would also tell them to immediately get involved in clubs and sports. They should also make sure that the college is comfortable for them. When I say comfortable is that you find the right size college and that you pick the right classes. I would advise them to take some challenging classes not only the easy ones. They should also look at how much the tuition is and the price of their books. I would also advise that they make sure the college or university has great resources such as tutoring. Also that the library is a fair size with great books and internet. I advise that you get to know how the staff is at the school. And that they attend any interviews or new student sessions to know what the college stands for. I would also advise them to interview some students attending the college already to get an insite on how the college/university is like. And last look at their dorm rooms and the amount of parking space they have. Should also look at gym.


The advice I would give student and/or parents about finding the right college is to visit the school, do your own research about the school, speaking with current students and then finding current students who the school did not set you up with to speak to. Another thing that could be done is to visit the school various times on several occassions. Pray before you decide and start with your General Education Classes (English, Math, History, Science, Fine Arts, etc.) at the community college first, especially if the college or university is pretty expensive.


Student needs to just go out and take a tour of any of the schools you have in mind. Once your on the campus you can just feel like this is where your going to be. College should be somewhere you wanted to go and not beacuse your best friend went their. Always think for yourself and not for someone else


First of all, research your options for schools. In order to find the right fit, you also need to have a clear idea of your expectations of the school, as well as your goals. I believe that if you are not motivated to apply yourself to succeeding in college (like myself right out of high school), then college will not be a positive experience and will be a waste of money. For me, it worked well for me to wait a few years until I had a set plan and a goal that I was passionate about. As a non-traditional student it was fortunate that I found a school that is very supportive of students like myself, so that I did not feel out of place. To make the most out of college, time management is key, in order to successfully complete classes, but also get involved, and have fun being a college student.


I would say to parents and students to look for the college that makes you most comfortable. If something doesn't look/sound right when deciding on a college, don't feel obligated to stay or make a decision just yet. Take time and really look for the place that screams YOU! It's YOU that's the one who's going to have to stay for 4 or more years, it's YOU who will be making decisions and starting a new chapter in your life. It's YOU who will be growing into an adult there. So make sure YOU are the one who ultimately decides. YOU'll be glad that YOU did!


Start looking for a college that fits you early. Make sure you send applications to every college that you are intereseted in and do not be afraid to talk yourself up. Apply to any scholarship possible it won't hurt and you can always use extra cash. Don't be afraid to get out there and meet new people. Sign up for different clubs and activities on campus. If you have questions about anything ask someone almost everyone will try to help and sometimes thats how you make a new friend. Once you are attending college make use of the resources your college offers, especially tutoring or study groups.


The advice I would give parents and/or students is to look at what programs interest you. Then, go visit the college and talk to the professors and students. Check out the housing if you are interested and if you are from out of town, visit the areas around town to see if they have all the stuff you need. Make sure you go to all of the social events and orientations because that is how you meet new people. Your academic advisor should be someone you can ask about anything, not just what classes to register for.


Find a college where the student will learn what he or she wants to learn. Create a study plan and stick to it. Don't binge drink and kill your brain cells. Look online for books as they are less expensive. If there are groups that are appropriate to your interests, join them. Take advantage of opportunities for social consciousness. Don't be afraid to speak your mind while remembering the feelings of other students. Offer help to other students when you can. Remember that everyone who is in their first year is in the same boat. College professors are just people and usually want to help - ask if you don't understand.