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The College of Southern Idaho is a small community college. I personnelly like CSI for its small student to teacher ratio throughout the classrooms as well as the one on one time available with professors. CSI is a smaller campus but has lots of oppertunity not only on campus but off campus as well. In the CSI Matrix Building you will find individuals that are willing to go the extra mile for you if they see that you really want an education. They will work as hard for you as you would for youself.


Its smaller here so the classroom sizes aren't huge to the point that you cant get enough help if you need it. The campus is very nice it's not too big and can't get you your classes on time. The teachers here are very nice and helpful.


I am attending the Horticulture program at College of Western Idaho, which is brand new and is operating under College of Southern Idaho's accreditation. The classes are in Boise, Idaho, and are located at the Old Idaho Pennitentary, which is also the home of the Idaho Botannical Garden. The buildings and landscape are hundreds of years old. We pruned roses that had been planted in the mid 1800's.


The College of Southern Idaho offers opportunity to students that may not otherwise be able to attend college. The cost of attendence is low and they have several distance learning centers and many courses available online. I live in a small community over sixty miles away from the main campus and have been able to work towards a degree at the branch of the college in my community.


The teachers are extremly nice and understanding of the students needs thay are instructing. The flexabilaty of the staff members toward the students gives more opportunities to succede within thier personal goals.


The unique thing about the school I picked is that they have clubs that do extracurricular activities. You go out into the community and do service projects, we also do fundraisers so that the club can do different things like buy shop shirts for the first year students. Another reason I chose this school is the location, since I have a job and I must work full time to pay my way through school the location was perfect.