College of Southern Idaho Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about College of Southern Idaho?


Their tuition is low and they have a lot of online classes.


How there is a wide variety of people and ages of people. The campus size and student to teacher ratio is also good.


I feel that the smaller classes allow for more student instructor interation, enhancing the education experience.


The College of Southern Idaho has the best Nursing program in Idaho. We are surrounded by endless outdoor activites and have great instructors.


I brag about the tuition costs. You can not beat what I'm paying to go to college. The book prices could be worked on though. My school is easy to talk to, most of the professors are easy to deal with and very helpful and the overall help I have received has been a great asset to someone going back to school.


I brag about how CSI is affordable, centrally located and the college community is a positive environment. CSI has many wonderful opportunities and also is a better learning environment due to the small class sizes; students receive a better one on one learning relationship with their professors. There are many fun free activities available to all CSI Students. I believe that CSI is a very safe campus and that everyone should attend CSI.