College of Southern Idaho Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone should be a hard working student that can be in class everyday. Lots of classes require you to do work online so you have to have an internet connection and computer skills.


I think everyone should attend school. I have been out of high school now for almost 9 years and I wish I would've done it sooner. However I feel more fortunate now with the opportunity to go than I would've had I gone right out of high school.


I belive that CSI is a college for student looking to get back into school after having a break between high school and college. CSI would also be a good choice for students who are looking to get an Associates Degree and/or transfer to continue towards their Bachelors Degree. Even for someone just looking to freshen up on the new technology.


College of Western Idaho is a smaller college at a inexpensive price, but doesn't mean that the education is going to be any less than at a larger school. I have talked to a few professors and everyone has told me that the class they teach at the larger school is the same that they teach at College of Western Idaho. Anybody could attend this school as long as they are focused on their education and not focused on other things that will distract them.


Anyone who is interested in a good education for less money than a 4 year university.