College of Southern Maryland Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


The College of Southern Maryland is a great school and a great stepping stone to help you prepare for a university while saving money and earning credits in the process.


My school is a school that is for those who want more education with guidence and is a great starter for highschool graduates.


College of Southern Maryland is the perfect stepping stone for those transitioning from high school and for those who have not been in school for many years.


My school offers a wide range of help for returning adults.


CSM is the mecca of community colleges!


A small campus with big opportunities and a facualty that cares.


My school is very laid back, comfortable, and convenient for the long days of studying, espeically during finals week.


College of Southern Maryland is a small college that is convienant, has a small student ration number, and good for any student wanting to get their general education out of the way.


The College of Southern Maryland is an occupational friendly, resourceful, and community warming institution with convenient locations for Southern Maryland residents.


My school gives you a university experience in a two-year college classroom.


A chance to not fall into debt but still do well and have a good time.