College of Southern Maryland Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Each of my classmates were very different, but each of us were all alike in aim of completing our goals.


My math class is typically in the evening after work so there are alot of adults.


College of Southern Maryland consists of students of all ages and backgrounds, who are all in school with the common goal of obtaining a degree.


Friendly, easy to get along with, in the class because that is where they want to be, hard working, nice . I feel these are great ways to describe the students i have delt with.


My class mates are mostly female with few men. They are of all ages and ethnicities.


The will not let you give up and really make every class fun because they're in the same situation as you, planning on transtering out.


My classmates are a colorful group of people from a few different backfgrounds and lifestyles that feel enthusiastic .