College of Southern Maryland Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Those seeking an associate's degree or an entry program for transfer to a four year university should attend this school. Also, those with financial hurdles would do well to attend this school as it is fairly affordable with plenty of financial assistance options as well as a extracurricular activities for meeting other students in the area. The various campus locations make it easy for the student to attend throughout the tri-county area of Southern Maryland.


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Those who attend the College of Southern Maryland go for numerous reasons. Some go to save money and to take courses before going off to a 4 year college or university, where it is more expensive. In my case, I am attending the College of Southern Maryland because I am unsure of what I want to major in. The average student at CSM is devoted to their classes and is passionate about obtaining a degree from this school.


A person who is looking to a head-start, or just a jump-start on his or her eduacational path.


The type of person that should attend the College of Southern Maryland is a person of any age, ethnicity or background that really wants to make something of themself. They should take school seriously in order to succeed here. There are no classes that would allow any student to be lazy and recieve a passing grade.