College of Southern Nevada Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is known for being a great community college located in southern Nevada. There are so many excellent services and staff who work with you to succeed while you are attending CSN.


My school is known for it's diversity of students and flexible curriculum. Students can go to teachers at nearly any time they're on campus to get questions answered.


There are small class sizes so you are able to really connect with your professors, which I really enjoy.


I do not know if we are best known for anything. However, I have heard teachers brag about how Nevada's colleges/universities are so good, and way much better than the k-12 system.


Being the only junior college in Las Vegas and the biggest school in NV, it is best known for the population and student diversity as well as the convenience and cost. My school offers classes even at midnight for those working late in casinos. We have popular high school pograms which offers high school students a chance to work on their associate degrees beginning junior year which is paid for by the state. We also have the number one nursing program in the state.


The College of Southern Nevada is an important school for anyone to consider attending here in Southern Nevada. CSN holds the most number of students of any school in Southern Nevada. CSN offers great programs for everybody, especially transfer students who plan on attending a University in the state. The economy has had a tremondous impact here in Southern Nevada, as a result, many people have to work to earn extra cash. CSN offers flexible hours including night and weekend days so people can work and go to school. This is perhaps the greatest quality that any school can offer.


The CSN West Charleston campus is very well known for it's programs in a variety of medical fields. These fields include Dental Hygiene, for which the school offers it's only bachelor's degree to, RN and LPN nursing programs, and paramedic services. Majority of the students on campus are studying some form of nursing with paramedic services and medical sonography not far behind. The resource center for these degrees is tremendous and possesses some of the most helpful people in the field of medicine to guide the student to the right degree program.


My school is best known for their many programs that they offer with a lower tuition cost and the culinary program


Helping out others getting to know what they want before actually going off to a 4-year university. Being diverse for a 2-year college, has resources that can help out the locals a lot, plus a decent discount for the residents. The language they have, tends to be extra help, due to the fact that most schools don not start off with some, like Japanese.


The amazing teachers and small class sizes.


Jump starting a students education and providing continued education for adults returning to school