College of Southern Nevada Top Questions

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CSN students have such a wide degree of freedom, even within their selected majors, than other schools I looked at. They're required courses, but you can take them at your time, at your schedule, with nobody demanding you do class X or Y at a certain point; you're allowed to create your own path.


Our tuition is 1/3 of the price of the same class at a University.


The class sizes are generally small and it is easier to talk with your teacher one on one.


The Community College of Southern Nevada really caters to non-traditional students. I work all day, forty hours a week. CSN offers a lot of classes online and at night. The online course fee is only ten dollars. Most schools charge far mor than the per credit hour, but CSN just has that flat fee. Most of the teachers also work full time jobs so they understand my perspective as well.


Since it is not a university its a considerable amount cheaper


With having to balance work and school, the College of Southern Nevada offers classes that work around my schedule. With a variety of online, night and weekend classes available, they make it easier for the students to reach their goals of earning Associate Degrees. The class sizes are small compared to other schools in the area, leaving more one-on-one time with teachers who take the time to remember you by name, not by your student identification number.