College of Southern Nevada Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I only consider the cafeteria food the worst thing about csn.


Some of the teachers at my school need to either be removed or change there teaching methods. Some of the teachers at the college just teach the info without making it interesting or without caring weather we actually learn the material or not.


The worst thing, I guess would be the lack of student involvement outside of class or the lack of online or night classes available.


The college of Southern Nevada has a lot of great things about it ,but one thing I have noticed is that they do not have enough staff for the financial aid office. It makes students have to wait hours in line just to see them.


The worst thing about my school is the way it is thought of. People view the College of Southern Nevada as a joke. It has recently changed form a community college to an accredited state colleege but poeple do not realize that. No it is not an Ivy league school but it still is a collge and students can still get an amazing education and career from the College of Southern Nevada.


Not enough parking space


The worst thing about the college i am attending is the lack of confidence in the students. I dont like to see students defeat themselves before they really try.


I consider the office the worst thing about my school because they are so unorganized and do not have enough people working at one time. It takes forever to just get through a line.


The worst thing about my school is that it is so easy anyone can pass if they just show up to class and study their notes. I imagened college to be way hard, but College of Southern Nevada is way easy. All you have to do pretty much is show up, stay awake, pay attention, take notes, and study. There are occasionaly homework assignments. This is how most teachers are there. I would love to see classes get harder at College of Southern Nevada.


I personally do not think there is anything bad about the school. I have never had a problem with anyone or the faculty. Everyone there is pretty genuine.


I really enjoy going to school where I do and don't feel that there are a lot of bad things about it.


The worst thing about The College of Southern Nevada is the class availability. With recent budget cuts and lack of teachers, the choices are limited when it comes to scheduling for the next semester. You must plan ahead and sign up as soon as possible if you expect to get a good class time.


Having gotten used to the words of my peers telling me that college resources and offices were there for students' immediate use, I was expecting that to be true. That is not the case. I understand that the school employees have a job to keep; however, students come first. I should not have to keep calling and leavings messages to get a simple question answered. The worst thing about me school is that I have to wait DAYS before I have help.


The worst thing about my school is also what I find to be the best thing at my school. Csn doesn't offer all the courses that you need at there 3 locations so sometimes you have to go to UNLV to take the class you need. This could be bad because you have to travel further, but it can also be good to show people who attend Csn what it would be like at a University and in some cases help them to strive for their goal of getting there.


Parking by far. It just seems like there isn't enough parking for everyone and can cause problems when trying to get to class on time. I'm sure everything will calm down once it gets further into the semester.


The worst thing about my school is that there are so many students attending the school I have yet to take a class with the same student twice. The size of the school makes it very impersonal for its students. Not having an academic counselor assigned to each student makes it hard to communicate and decide your academic future. Every time you need advice you will end up with a different counselor that gives different advice.


The staff is so overwhlemed with students that it is hard to get businnes done sometimes. They lose paperwork, do not return emails or voicemails, it is somewhat undestandable, since the enrollment of 40k per semster. If you are dilegent about your quest to attend this school it can work for you.


Considering CSN is not a legitimate 4-year university, it is impossible to experience dorm life, and is difficult to obtain the source of independence that living away from home brings. I do not feel that I am getting the most out of college, that I better could if I was attending a university, where you learn to depend solely on yourself, meet and become great friends with the people around you (who may have come from all around the country), and proceed to get a well-achieved Bachelor's or Master's Degree.


The worst part about my school is the ratio of students to teachers, if the class size was smaller the quality of the teaching would rise in my opinion.


Lack of resources and available classes.


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Staff sometimes lacks of giving relevant information to new students, especially when registration period starts and administration are overloaded with students. There should be more attractive college activities.


The worst thing about the school is that the staff isn't as helpful as I thought they would be. They aren't helpful when you're a freshman still trying to figure everything out. You pretty much have to figure it all out on your own.


Can't really think of anything considered to be that bad. My brother was not able to register for classes because he needed to pay a $5.00 financial hold, I thought that was a little silly, but policy is policy.