College of Southern Nevada Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Somebody who likes big spaces.


Someone who is not hard working


The only people that shouldn't attend this school, or any school, are the lazy people that do not want to further their education. Someone that just wants to waste time and not focus on goals shouldn't attend.


Anyone attempting to earn college credits.


People that are unmotivated is the main reason just because it is a community college does not mean you do not have to work. It also would not be good for people that think they need top quality equipment or a college they can brag about to their friends. It is their for one purpose which is to educate you. It does not have any sports teams to my knowledge and is defintely not a party school. The campus can be small depending on your location.


A student that is interested in a program for a bachelor's degree from any should not enroll at this school. Because there is only one bachelor program at this school and that is Dental Hygiene. This school is for students that are planning to take general education classes first, then take their major classes from another school that he or she likes after transfer to complete.


A person that is not serious about there education shouldnt attend this school. Las Vegas took a major education funding lost, so I feel like if your not serious about your education you should move aside and let somebody who does step in. Las Vegas dont have the time nor the money to waste on someone who just simply doesnt care about their education.


The kind of person that should attend this school is one who is not concerned about getting involved in a sport. There are no sports in this school. This school is large so if class size is not a bother this will work fine.


I would recommend this college to someone that cannot allot the time needed to a university but still wants to further their education. I would also recommend it to anyone that wants an education that is affordable and beneficial toward their goal.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this school is someone who doesn't really have the initiative to follow through with their dreams. This place is not a place to socialize.


There is not a "type" of person that shouldn't attend our school. CSN would rather have people attending college full-time or part-time than not at all. Everyone is welcome at this college, whether you are white, black, purple, 18 years old, 89 years old, poor, rich, short, tall, fat, skinny or handicapped. We have police security that keeps our campuses safe, so who cares if you were even a previous gang member? Our school is devoted to motivate everyone to take the next biggest step towards success and this goal has been achieved numerous times.


Anyone can attend this school, thats the thing about community college it is open to anyone. It could be young, old, immigrants, legal citizens--doesn't matter who the person is. I don't believe someone "shouldn't" attend. Everyone can attend and "no one" should be judged if they "shouldn't" attend my school.


The person who shouldnt attend this school is someone who really does not want to learn. There are many students who go there cause there parents force them and they fool around. If you do not want to learn do not go. It is a waste of your money and time.


Everyone who wants to have an easy start from highschool as well as people who want to upgrade their career. Everyone that serioulsy want to pursue a degree and have a goal to reach.


One who is not focused, and determined to get an education. Otherwise it is a waste of the individual's time and definitely money.