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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Apply for as many scholarships as possible, while working a part time or full time job to save money.


Assuming I went back to high school as a senior I would tell my self to strive for greatness and do my best. Work hard and get what I can out of class. Do my best even if I dont understand what my teacher is saying. Stay after class if I have to so i can figure things out and do well on class work and tests. I would work even more harder pushing myself to a 4.0 gpa. Show my teachers I mean buisness when it comes to getting good grades by working hard. Its a mindset, working hard and doing well. I want to carry this on to college life and work. If you set your mind to success you can transition well going from high school to college. Keep your focus and strive for greatness.


I would tell myself to stay focused and wait until having a child. School takes up at least 98{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of time and there is little room for failure. The cost of tuition is high and rises each semester. I would recommend living on campus(if possible) at a college away from home. I say this because there is nothing like life experiences. When you make adult decisions early in life, it opens your mind to what lies ahead in life. Always say no to drugs and enjoy being young while it lasts. College is not a joke and should never be taken lightly. Remember, a college degree can open a plethera of doors, so stay focused.


I would tell myself to breathe and relax. My high school self always felt so stressed about the future. High school was hard on me, and I couldn't even imagine how much more intense the college atmosphere would be. However, in reality, I had little to worry about. Yes, they are classes that I paid for, and the material doesn't get any easier, but the fact that there are now so many more resources; that I'm being trusted to take care of myself; and that the environment changes to something more relaxed. It was all the total opposite of what I thought, and I couldn't be happier that it is. I would also tell myself to look out for more scholarships, and to really do my research about financial aid and benefits. College hasn't gotten any cheaper, and while I know that I would do anything for my education, perhaps not taking out $50,000 loans would be a good idea. But most of all, I would tell myself to not get the buzz cut. It wasn't a good look.


Stick with it. Having a part time job that pays just enough to live off of is fine. Giving up school to work full time for extra money hurts you in the long run. Getting the education right out of high school will let you provide for your kids you'll have, better, and get you the jobs you really want to do. Giving up school for work and money is a temporary fix when you're in your early twenties, but working for the education will give you the better, long term jobs you'll be proud to have with the money you'd like to earn. Stick with it, do it now. You can always earn more degrees later when you change your mind on what you want to be when you grow up too.


Take a different Psy 101 teacher, you fell asleep most of the time. Don't work at Cashman that first semester, apply at Telemedia on Campus. Start taking English classes, don't "debate" you love English, just do it. Don't take Anatomy with Milne, no matter what Francesca tells you, you fail and retake it, just take Payette. Same goes for Anatomy II Saliha. Don't be so nervous about the TEAS test, you do fine.


I would tell myself to remain focused on why I am really attending college and to realize that it a time for me to grow into someone that can be productive. When I originally went to college I lost sight of my priorites. I would encourage myself to explore more of what I wanted to do, rather than what I was expected to do by others. I would also tell myself to be better organized and to network with others that could potentially put me in a position to be more marketable for employment. I have learned that it is about who you know and not so much what you know that will propel you in the workforce. I would have taken the time to develop those types of relationships. I would also tell myself to continue on to at least a masters degree rather than just a bachelors degree which seems to quickly be losing its power. It almost seems that having only a bachelors now is the same as only having a diploma 10-15 years ago.


Dear high school Asia, College and high school are nothing alike. You will need to research for more scholarships to avoid having mom and dad pay out of pocket. There is so much free money out there you just need to apply yourself. You need to get into the habit of reading because in college it is no joke with the amount of reading you have to do. Closer to the first day of college you may feeling overwhelmed and anxious ,but that’s typical do not let that make your college experience any less fun. Make sure the school you choose you look into the resources that are offered on campus and take advantages of the free resources. Also join clubs to get the full college experience while meeting new friends who can potentially become study partners for particular classes. Sincerely, the wiser Asia :)


I suppose it would have to begin with a short story; as a highscool senior, college was not something I even considered. Coming from a family who has never gone to college nor pushed education strongly at all, I had other desires. Working fresh out of highschool taught me quickly that the world is not so kind to those who are not educated, and so I took it upon myself to head back to school. I wish I could've told my highschool self to try harder. I did not have any motivation to do well in school and indeed, felt as though school was not fun at all. However, after completing my first degree with plans to attend a higher university, I can say without a doubt - it was the most beautiful experience of my life. In essences, all I wish I could've had told myself was to try... as I find that is the most important aspect of doing work - all you have to do is try.


The advice that i would give myself as a high school senior would be to apply myself more and take pride in school. I would tell myself that college would be a lot easier and I would enjoy it. I would also tell myself to participate in more school activities and that it is okay to care about school. I would say to make sure to study even if i thought i knew what was taught. Most importantly I would tell myself to start thinking about college immediately because it comes so much faster than you expect it to. Look into what colleges you want to go to, how much things cost, talk to your counsler , and apply for scholorships and financial aid. Lastly, I would say relax and that every thing will be okay so have a good senior year!


I would go back in time and tell myself to apply for scholarships more often. Even though you dont have the best grades in your high school class if you tried to look hard enough you would have found some. Also dont think that your parents are going to be able to pay for some of your college. Dad will leave you but because of your dads income you will not be able to get financial aid. We know that mom does her best but she can barely support herself. Dont get caught up in freind relationships because you will end up just loosing most of these anyways you should be concentrating on hard work and your career. Get your act together and make sure you start to focus more in school because you will have to learn focus really hard in college. Work on your handwriting and note taking because people will want to read your notes. Always go to Amazon before you go to your school bookstore you will most likely save some money. Finally and most importantly always take time on your work this key for success in your college work.


Going back in time to see myself as a senior would allow a large variety of possibilities, the most important of which would be to impart wisdom upon myself about college. A valuable lesson I learned is that your teachers may say, "This is what college is going to be like," when they issue out that I-lost-count page essay, but in actuality, college is easier than they make it seem. Of course, that does not apply to all courses in college. Some classes are the same or harder, but another big change from high school is that you're not required to take up to nine of them. Been there, done that, let’s not revisit the past. Another major change that goes right along with that one is that, this is your money you're working with; you're there because you want to be. That changes, really everything. Professors don't have to deal with students that don't want to be there, and students don't have to have their hands held anymore. Really, at the end of the day, there is no reason to stress about the college transition.


If I could go back in time, I would jump high to the occasion and complete high school or restructure my life so I could locate the opportunity. I would seek out as much information as possible from the people I knew and contact counselors at school on how I could get the accommodations needed to succeed in life. Growing up in poverty and in an orphanage that did not support my efforts or speak to me about college, gave me little direction or support to bring my dreams to reality. Becoming a young mother and not finishing high school or getting a G.E.D., has had a huge impact on my life. I had no idea just how important a G.E.D or diploma would be or how it could benefit me later in life. Had I known how difficult it was going to be in completing school and getting a degree now, I would have thought more clearly about my decisions and made better choices in life. I would have made more of an effort to complete school and prepare for my future and I would have seriously thought twice about having a family so young.


nothing but my community work


If I could go back in time and talk to myself, I would most likely tell myself that everything happens for a reason and that I am stronger than I think I am. I would tell myself to stay encouraged and that first place is acheivable for african american females who have no one supporting them. I didn't think I could go to college because it seemed so expensive and i didn't know anything about scholarships or grants because no one in my family had ever been to college . I didn't think that i could get into a junior college but i did and that's when my whole mind frame changed. So if i could tell myself something else while in high school, it would be to search fro money and to ask for help whenever it is needed


High school can be a scary misconception when you are a young middle school kid, but once you get there you realize it is not frightening at all. Although, once you are a high school teenager, being familiar and comfortable with your high school surroundings, you tend to forget one thing. That thing is when you are a senior in high school you experience this fear once again when thinking about college. The thought that you will get lost on campus, have no friends, or fall behind in classes all pass through your mind. These thoughts are harmful and they can cause people to stress out and freak out. I have experienced all of this and as a sophomore in college and I can say it was all just another big misconception! College life is just like any other kind of scholarly life any one has experienced. You work hard and do your best and you have fun on the way to success. Going from a senior in high school to a freshman in college is not a scary transition. Being who I am today I would tell my high school self to relax, you have done this before.


If I could travel back in time and warn myself of the challenges I face today as a college student , the conversation would be pretty lengthy. One of the most important things that I would say to myself is not to wait. It is the desire of many high school students to take a break before they go to college. They take a semester off. However, one semester turns into two, then three, and before you know it you've been out of school for an entire year. Why wait? Jump right back into school and take advantage of all of the opportunities that await you. After high school, I waited a year before I decided to enroll in school. I think that this is one of my biggest regrets. In my opinion, waiting to enroll in college just makes the process harder. Enrollment, admission, financial aide, and getting used to being a student again became and obstacle for me. After being out of school for a year, getting back into the groove of student life became more of a challenge. I believe that if I would've went straight into school, this process would've been a lot easier.


I would tell myself to be open minded about the other college out there. You can get that wonderful college experience whether you go to a big university or just a small community college.


Make sure you laugh and make lots of friends. As you get older it gets harder and harder to meet people who are not "work" friends. Learn from the classes, don't just try to get a grade. A diploma is not just a piece of paper; it is a symbol of an accomplishment, an earned achievement, a symbol of knowedge; make sure you earn it. Never be ashamed to be the teachers pet, or to be an annoyance and ask too many questions; a question never makes you look stupid, everyone is uncertain at times it is best to learn to face it now.


Dear Jenine, The hardest part will be adjusting to the study load. In highschool you can do extra credit and retake tests. Some teachers may even let you get away with turning in assignments late. College will do a better job of preparing you for the real world. Teachers will rightly expect you to show up to class on time and be ready to learn. The best advice is really simple, come prepared to learn, study hard, listen to your teachers and you'll do fine. College is an amazing learning opportunity, so don't waste it. You will have the rest of your life to work, socialize and go to parties. Focous on the task at hand and you will reap the benefits. One of the wonderful things about college, is it's ok to be a nerd. You don't have to be a cheerleader or a football player. College will be an amazing and pivitol point in your life. You will make life impacting decsions, so be careful about your choices. You will make new friends that will last a life time. You will make career choices and discover hidden talents. You will grow into yourself.


I would tell myself to not wait to go to college like I did. Just jump into it and don't look back. There's nothing to be scared of, it's just a necessary part of growing up. Friends may be lost in high school but plenty more are made in college.


I started my journey in college in 2004 with concurrent enrollment after returning to high school after a two year span of dropping out three different times my junor year in 2002. I earned almost 30 credits and a glimpse into the future and the possibilities I did not think would ever be available to me. I gained the self confidence of knowing that I no longer needed to be scared of "growing up" and I could have the life I dreamed of with a career that revolved around me instead of finding work that I would have to revolve around because nothing better would be available for me. After being out of school so long I had forgotton how intelligent I could be and was headed down the wrong path in life. I only attended the two semesters between 2004 and 2005 and thought I would never be able to return without the financial support of my parents. In the fall of 2010 when my husband who himself had dropped out in 8th grade and is now 34 years old wanted to return to school so that we would have a future, I realized we could have it all!


When I first enrolled at my school, I have learned a lot of new things. I learned how to register classes online after looking the course catalog. I learned how to use the syllabus. The staff at the computer lab showed me how to create and activate my account to use their computers and they were very helpful. Made a lot of new friends while attending this school. My instructors were very helpful. The staff at the student services and financial services were helpful and kind. I have learned a lot of new vocabulary from my school. My academic advisor understands me and is very helpful. This school definitely help me reach my goal to become a successful person with a good job after graduation and make my dreams come true. If you have a problem, this school will help and resolve it.


I have gotten so much out of this experience, it has completely changed my perspective on many things! I have met people who i will cherish meeting for a very, very long time. I have new friends from literally all over the world thatnks to this college. The proffessors here are so down to earth and just know what's going on in the real world since they themselves are so involved in our community. I am extremely grateful for all of this and all of the benefits we have for simply being students here at the college of Southern Nevada.


I have gained knowledge and insight. It has inspired me to pass my new knowlege with the children I will teach one day. It has allowed me to realize new interests and new ideas. I have gained new perspectives on life and the world. I have became a better student and know that I will always be a student because I will keep learning.


I have recieved plenty of exciting "hands-on" experiences. My couselors make my day with their motivational advice and my instructors put a smile on my face because of how passionate they are about their students' education. That is why College of Southern Nevada has been valuable to attend.


Attending college has shown me a whole other life that I would have never known existed in me if I hadn't attended. College has made me become more outgoing and I am beginning to grow into the person I know I am supposed to be. It has shown me what I really want out of life and I how I want my life to turn out. You step out of your comfort zone, take chances, and meet so many amazing people. College is a time in my life that I will never forget and probably always want to go back to.


I have learned that college and adult life is not like high school life. In high school parents and teachers are there to hold your hand and remind to turn in papers, to do homework and guide you. While in college your professors and parents still maybe there to help but it is mainly up to you to get your education. If you miss a day of school, YOU have to see the professor, you have to make sure that your paper is turned in on time and it fulfilled all the requirements. Also from attending college I have learned that just attending is not enough. You have to challenge yourself to learn and to grow. You have to push because sometimes classes will be hard, test are gonna make you want to quit. But you cannot you have to achieve your goal.


Out of my college experience I have learned how to make friends and pass classes. I have also learned some other vital things, when I was at College of Southern Nevada, that are really valuable to know. One of those things is to always look up a teacher on the internet before signing up for his/her class. It really could help you. I have also learned that some classes are very hard to get into so to make sure to register early and know your dates and time when you can register. It has been valuable to attend College of Southern Nevada because I was able to learn a lot of interesting things on different subjects. It has also given me a foundation for my future college experience.




I have received a lot of information just attending school again. When I graduated I was not sure if I was going to return, but when I did I realized how important it is to continue an education. I have become more discipline with myself and learned how to become more orgainized. I have learned how to do accounting and to work with numbers in a different way, also I have become better at english, especially my writing. School has been valuable to me because I know that it will help me go further in my career goals. It will give a better look as to what I can accomplish. Thank you for taking the time to read what I have written.


I consider myself a little older and wiser than a typical 25 year-old college student. After all, I completed my Masters Degree in Social Work Administration in one year when I was 22 years old. I worked very hard to get to that point only to realize that although I loved helping others, my heart belonged with my part-time job in pharmacy. If I could go back to myself as a senior in high school, I would encourage myself to slow down. Think about what I really want to do with the rest of my life. Also to weigh all the options and not be so harsh to make a decision based off an idea. Don?t make up reasons to justify that this is what you really want to do because you settle with the idea and don?t believe in yourself that you could ever do anything medical. I know myself, I am very stubborn. I already had my mind made up and there?s no going back. I just hope that I would be able to share my experience and hopefully get myself to listen enough to stop and think before leaping head first.


I would have definitely start thinking about college as early as Freshman year. I would have worked and studied hard not only with SATs but by becoming a more well-rounded person. I wouldn't have joined so much school activities that I didn't really love but I joined simply because it looked good on a resume, but I would have just worked extra hard on the activities that I really did love and care about. I would have established a better relationship with my school counselors and teachers as well as my fellow classmates since the ability to work well with others is one of the biggest assets that college look for in a candidate. I would have ventured out in other extra curricular activities, not only in school but in the community as well and volunteered more. Volunteering is such a big plus because it shows selflesness and being an active and caring member of society and having recommendations belonging from those outside school proves that you are a very well rounded person. Also, if you are a senior and you haven't done any of this stuff, it's never too late!


As Im walking through the halls of my college campus, I see many familiar faces that I went back to school with. I simply just smile and say "hello" as I walk to my next class. It is at this moment that flashbacks go through my head of my High School and senior year. Memories that I will never forget run through my head. I smile. Im in college now, a fresh start has just begun. I don't know any of my peers, and I've notice that the majority of people are older than me. My friends, my old school, my High School soccer team, it is all gone and unfortunately never coming back. High School was more as a learning experience for me. I must admit that I was immature and was down the majority of times over the smallest things. I've made many mistakes, behaved immaturely, and did not enjoy these times to the fullest. I remember when one is in High School, all he os she cares about is graduating, and when one is in College and older, one looks back Senior year. My advice, enjoy life to the fullest, nothing more or less.


If I was able to go back in time and let myself know as a high school senior was college was actually going to be like i would say that you should read the text book that is required, and to take as much notes as humanly possible because who knows when the instructor will let you have open note quizzes. I would also that not every instructor will be fair about things but to always do your best with what you are given and you will go far in your endeavors.


If I was able to go back in time and talk to myself as a senior I would stress the importance of a college degree, money, and living the "college life". I would explain to myself that to have a career, instead of just a job, pretty much mandates a college diploma. It might seem cool now to work at the local fast food joint but pretty soon life sets in and you will want more for yourself. A diploma can help with that. Also, try to get it done in a timely matter. Being 29 years old and realizing you have been in school for 5 years with nothing to show for it is very upsetting. Loans will be a big part of your life to help pay for your schooling, and thats ok, but realize that they must be paid back. It is not free money and borrowing the maximum amount to go on vacation may seem like a good idea now, but it won't feel good when you have to start paying the loans back. Join clubs, make friends, and most importantly enjoy yourself, your college experience will be much better for it.


I would begin by giving myself the advice I sought after when I first wondered about college. I would tell myself that unlike in High School, the staff of Universities and Colleges are there to help you with anything you need. Be it emotional or scholastic most members of the campus staff are happy to help you learn. Second, I would reassure myself that even though college is one step away from the real world you're never too far from home. Knowing that, there's nothing to be afraid of when first stepping on to a campus. Finally, I would remind myself that I should not worry about a career choice early on in the college experience. By worrying about that in your first years of college you will end up always worrying if you made the right choice. By waiting until a career you really think you'll enjoy comes to you the thought of "did I really make the right choice?" will never come up. The college experience is something that everyone should go through and even though the transition can seem daunting at times you will quickly learn to thoroughly enjoy every aspect of campus life.


If I went back in time to talk to my past self to give advice about college life and making its transition I would tell myself to WAKE UP!!! I was a log in my senior year of high school. I would tell myself to get active and involve myself by applying for college. I would scold myself about completing the FAFSA application as soon as possible, putting more effort in scholarships, grants, etc., calling universities and seeking out their requirements and tuition costs, studying more for the ACT, SAT, and AP exams, and asking for letters of recommendations. There would be an endless speech of advice to give myself. But, most importantly I would tell myself to be realistic and stop searching for a full ride athletic scholarship. It hurts to admit it even now, but in that senior year of HS, I did not posses the skills or athleticism to obtain an athletic scholarship. I would open my past self's eyes and put him to focus on what was obvious to me now; thatwas getting accepted to a proper university. Perhaps if I did these things I would not have wasted half a year of my life.


I would tell myself to never take a break from school. It's usually so difficult to get back into the process of school and furthering your education. It can be done, however for most people it isn't as simple as it sounds. Do not get involved with credit cards without extreme caution. They can severly damage your credit and it could take several years or even decades to pay off balances, depending on how high the debt becomes. Do not get too involved with a girlfriend. Depending on how a relationship is handled or how intimate it gets, a relationship could be a major distraction against completing your college education. Before you know it, you could find yourself wanting to get married and even have kids. Afterwards, you would without a doubt need a steady job that pays very well to support your family that you've created. At this point, finishing or beginning your college education would be extremely difficult. The transition to college is far easier directly from high school because waiting to start a family until after college is far easier to handle, less stressful and much healthier for your family.


I would tell myself to get into a good habit of not procrastinating. Teachers expect you to have your work in on time and they do not have to give you credit if it is late. It is also good to register early and get payments in on time so that you get the classes you want. They fill up quickly. I would have told myself to not worry about making friends or being scared. I made plenty and it wasn't scary, it was fun and I got to be more independent. The biggest thing I would have told myself was to just relax and enjoy the time I had, no matter what came my way and to get as much out of the experience as possible.


As a high school senior, I was not too serious about college. If I could go back now and talk to myself, I would tell myself to get started without delay. In today's society it is so important to get as much education in as you can to succeed in life. I lost out on a few years of my life because I did not get started in College when I should have. Education is the key to unlocking the doors to success. I would also tell myself that no matter how cheesy that last sentance is, it's always going to be true and that I need to pay attention to it.


The advice I would give my high school self is to not worry about others' opinions about where and when I should go to college. Everyone has a time when they're ready to embark on a path that is unknown to them. Then, I was constantly concerned I was making the wrong decision to stay behind and attend college when I was good and ready. All of that hulla-baloo about rushing off the college is silly. "Take your time and make sure you are doing what you want to do," I would tell my high school self. "Realize that college is not mandatory, no matter how hard it will make your life later. Grab a pair of gloves before gripping your future by the horns so you're not hurt in the end."


Knowing what I know now about the college life If I could go back and give myself some advice in high school I would let myself know that my social life will always be here and education really is the key. Friends will come and go and if your friends arent doing anything with there lives their not really who you want to hang out with anyway. You are who you hang out with. Dont lose sight of your goal you owe it to your family and more importantly yourself. You might not feel this way now but it you take my advice im sure you'll appreciate it in the future because failure is not an option for you. It took me 5 years to understand this concept ,but now that i have it ill carry it with me forever I AM going to be somebody I just need the oppurtunity to prove myself and turned my reputation around.


Don't get too lazy, there isn't time for that. There is also no room for procrastination, break that habit now, please! Wake up earlier and make sure you actually get to calss on time. Parking is nuts so be prepared. Make sure you take at least 6 credits each term, you don't need a break, no matter what you think. Books are expensive so be prepared. Overall, college is a great experience, don't be nervous. It'll be worth it in the end.


Knowing what I know now I would tell myself to fill out my financial aid before you graduate. The paper work takes a lot longer then you think. Also I would want to sit down a few minutes a day and fill out some scholarship applications. The colleges are not going to come to you, you need to figure out where you want to go and apply. Nothing is going to fall into your lap, you have to step up and take whatever you want in life. Don?t wait to long. You cant let what happened to you in the past control your future. I know its been hard, but you really need to get yourself motivated and ready for your future. Your life is just beginning. Education is very important to being successful, and more education then just high school. Prove to yourself and everyone who doubted you that you are more then just a cashier. You have the world in front of you, now reach out and take it. You have more power then you know, use it. Its definitely going to be a long, hard run but you can do it! Get started.


I would tell myself if I could go back to actual focus more and forget about what your friends are doing and what people think of you. The people that bother you are just part of the obstacles that you have to face in life and to just forget about them and stay focused. Read ahead of everyone in each class because it gives you the chance to ask questions and you will know what you're talking about and be prepared for quizzes and tasks later. Also begin studying more for the SAT and ACT extensively every chance that you get because it helps with college admission and help you eliminate competition. Start practicing at the beggining of the year for college entrance essays to make sure that the colleges that you want to go to know who you are and how and why you would benefit their schools. Finally I would stress myself to do and work more at what I want to do career wise and volunteer at establishments that have to do with the field that I want to go into and also try to do more community service projects, helping out the community and myself.


If I could go back and talk with my self as a senior I would tell my self to leave the boys alone and get my education first. Often as a new young student every thing else looks so much better than studying. If I would of stayed away from the boys ten or fifteen years ago I would not be in the shoes I am now. College is no fun at the age of thirty five. I should be enjoying my career and my kids by now. Instead, I am working two jobs as a single parent attempting to make ends meet. In addition struggling to finish college. To go back in time the ideal thing would have to been have kids later get the education first!


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself that when first applying, be sure to register as early as you can, and be sure to have a list of the main classes you want to take, and then a backup if your first choices are not available. Another thing I would tell myself is that school will definitely get stressful, but don't be afraid to ask questions, the people are there to help you and you don't have to do everything by yourself. Along with that, I would also tell myself to stay confident and continue working hard because every choice is important and every achievement ahead is worth it. One last thing I would tell myself is to take "can't" out of your vocabulary because you will be surprised by some of the things you will accomplish.


The possibility of going back in time would be outstanding, I would be warning myself not to do certain things, like dual college. That was not fun, ended up causing problems in the long run. That's one thing I would tell my younger self, second thing, would to tell myself that I am my own father. Just to see if I even got that reference when I was younger. Basically, warn myself about what I really need to do with my life, choosing the correctly career path for things, applying for better aid, instead of trying to fastforward myself through the 'real world'. Even though that some of the credits I got from high school, some of them did not transfer over, just to be wary of that. Also, to look out for some people saying certain things for internship for computer science degrees, which were scams. That learning scripting will help out in the long run, due to most programs using some like C++ and Java. Brushing up on your cooking skills is a plus too, due to the fact that instant noodles won't work in the long run, and keep working out, to be healthy.


PAY ATTENTION and LEARN what you are being taught, especially math (this comes with a nice hard smack upside the noggin)! Just skating by and getting decent grades because you can is easy does not mean you should do it. Do your best even if you never use it again; life on the outside is not easy. Your college professors will not spoon-feed you like high school teachers. You have to take your high school education seriously because you will need it once you get into college. Would you rather be spending your time off studying or partying once you get to college? If you have to relearn everything from high school then you wont have time to go to the fun college Frat parties?so suck it up and learn.