College of Southern Nevada Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


CSN is cheap. Classes aren't ridiculously priced and we don't have any silly fees.


The low-cost and the credits that are available.


I like that they have so much to offer as far as classes go and they offer classes at all different kinds of time slots. I also like that they have 3 different campuses around the city making it very easy to get every thing you need from them.


It is a friendly school, that is easy to register and gives many people a chance that wouldn't get that chance in other schools. People that were not mature enough in high school now have to a chance to make something better of themselves even though they do not have the grades in high school. It is low cost and intergrates very well with the curriculum at UNLV so if I decide to pursue a bachelors degree I am able too as soon as I am done with CSN.


NA, I haven't attended yet.


The best thing about my school is the many opportunities available. I was able to intern for Obama's 2008 presidential campaign through the school and I also meet a lot of interesting people that are not only potential professional contacts but friends for life as well.


What I consider the best trait at the College of Southern Nevada is the class sizes. Large four year public and private universities have thousands of students requiring class sizes usually of fifty students or more. With these classes you can easily get lost with the crowd, as well as less personal time with your instructor. CSN classes are no more than thirty-five students, meaning a better acknowledgement of classmates and more personal time with the professor. From my personal experience smaller class sizes are the best thing about the school I attended.


The thing I consider best about my school is they offer a variety of majors and have the availability of online classes. I love that they have a good variety of majors because I wasn't totally sure of what major I wanted when I first entered college. I have also taken some of their online classes and find them well organized and they allow me to be flexible with my schedule instead of having to schedule everything else around school.


The best thing about my school, College of Southern Nevada, is the flexibility of continuing my education online. I am working and living overseas in Southern Sudan so I am not able to attend classes on a campus. CSN has most of its classes available online for me to take. These classes are also accredited so when I chose to transfer to a 4-year school I am confident all of my classes will transfer over.


it is affordable


I think the best thing about my school is the freedom that it allows a student who is coming out of high school. The College of Southern Nevada doesn't pressure students, and it lets them grow as individuals. I enjoy the fact that there are very interesting people at my school who are all pursuing different aspects of their career.


What I consider the best thing about my school is the convenience. For example, CSN offers online and night/midnight classes for its students. This gives parents the benefit of taking classes at home or workers with graveyard shifts. Also, parking is free and the same for students and professors, unlike some universities that seperate employee parking in a garage while the student's parking lot is outside in the rain, snow, or heat. We have a high school program that allows seniors and juniors to take college courses already along with free tutoring on our campus.


The best thing about attending CSN is the attention you get from profesors. The classes are small unlike in a Univeristy, and you learn more this way.


The best thing about the College of Southern Nevada are the small classes. I always feel like I get the personal attention I need in the small class of about thirty people as compared to a university class of one hundred twenty. I am not afraid to raise my hand and as a question only to be ignored because the professor does not have time to treat each student's individual needs. Most of the professors love their job and go out of their way to make sure each student has the attention they need.


The best thing about attending a College of Southern Nevada is the schedule of classes, availability of evening courses, the instructors are from my field and have first hand experience and the general population is welcoming of students that are continuing their education, not just the ones just out of high school.


The best thing about my school is its diversity. The students range from graduating high school seniors to senior citizen. The student body consists of students who plan on earning Associate Degrees in all disciplines from Auto Body to Nursing, those that plan to transfer and those who are returning after a long absence from school and are balancing both that and work. The one thing that everyone has in common is their shared desire to be there.


The tuition is not that expensive, although the campus is small, it got many kinds of facilities to help the students out.