College of Staten Island CUNY Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?




The academics at my school show me that it is important to be serious about education and not take my college experience for granted. My school offers tutoring and many other programs to help students succeed in their studies. There is no reason for any student to fail with all the resources available.


I enjoy the classes at CSI, sometimes, the classes are small enough that all of the professors try very hard to learn the names of all their students, not all teachers accomplish this, but at least you always know that they are trying. I think that like all other colleges some students study more than others. what i really like about CSI is the fact that they have the honors classes for students that qualify to take them. this allows students to find another way to try and stand out against all of the other students at our school.


CSI draws students from all cultures and age groups. Many classes i have taken have adults who are returning to school for a second career. This is very admirable and inspiring because they are often still working in their first career. Having newly graduated high school students and students in every decade of life thereafter, spreads responsibility and maturity by demonstration. The professors take pride in knowing each students name and I have not taken a single class where this wasn't the case. All of the science classes I have taken have had a lab day attached to it. The facilities that the labs are held in are top of the line and have mulitple methods of learning the material. For example, there are computer programs, for those who learn visually, physical 3-d models, for those hands-on learners, and videos for those who learn by audio. There are also dissections on organs from mammals.