College of Staten Island CUNY Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I think the food is the worst thing for me. I tend to avoid the cafeteria because the food isn't very healthy and is overpriced.


The worst thing i would consider about my school is the campus life. Being that it is a CUNY school, students commute, and though it is a huge campus, there is no life on it. The school is so big, there's really no room for really socializing.


Advisors are not very helpful at all. For all advisement questions i turn to upper classmen instead of teachers because the teachers never provide correct information or helpful advisement. Deciding one's future career courses and such lie within yourself and it is your duty to find out everything that you need on your own, which is not what is supposed to be done.


There are a lot of things I consider bad about the school I attend. The school is extremly boring. Sometimes I like to walk around campus and I notice how depressed everyone looks. They also need to have more "young adult" activities. Maybe if they had activities that young people like, more people would like to hang around campus. I also wish the the professors wouldn't talk about their personal life. I didn't came here to hear about your dying cat, I came here to learn.


The worst thing about CSI is that there is no dorms. Without dorms, the campus lacks community. Being a commuter campus, CSI has a difficult time attracting students from places other than Staten Island. As a result, CSI is not as diverse as it could be.


The location seems as if you are isolated from the rest of the city. The building are really far apart. The campus is 24 acres and it can be a hassle to go from one building to another.


The worst thing about my school is the amount of professors who cannot teach well. I assume that maybe the College of Staten Island is required to offer courses and cannot find the capabable faculty to do this. Personally my grades aren't suffering, but still we the students are suffering. I feel that coming to college should be somewhere you learn and where your passion for the subject or field of interest grows not wanes. Nonetheless, the professors that are good here in this college are GREAT professors, but unfortunately there aren't enough of them.


I have nothing to complain about it.