College of Staten Island CUNY Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


The stereotype of the students at my school is that they are multi-faceted, diverse, and multi-cultural. This is a very accurate stereotypr.


the stereotype at CSI is that there are a lot of stupid people that come to CSI because they cant get into other schools. I don't feel like this is accurate, a lot of the people that go to school here are just students who work and don't have the time just go to school. CSI offers a lot of night classes, and for people who work full time and live in Staten island, CSI is the best option they have.


The College of Staten Island is often abbreviated to CSI. Many students, and non-students enjoy joking that CSI stands for College of Stupid Idiots or College of Stupid Italians. While it is true that there are many Italians, it is false that they are stupid. In fact, they are very intelligent. CSI offers many programs that are very competetive and it is an honor to be part of any of these respectable programs.


What I've noticed about the College of Staten Island is the simple fact that there is no one overwhelming stereotype on our campus. We have our jocks, our nerds, and our rockers, our frat/sorority members and our geeks. However, what's great about CSI is the fact that these groups aren't separated like most colleges. More than once I'll see rockers, geeks and fashionistas huddled around a table discussing a project, or the jocks and nerds discussing a piece of gossip that was heard floating around campus. College of Staten Island is an awesome melting pot of personalities, ideals and backgrounds, and I'm really glad I decided to attend here.