College of Staten Island CUNY Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


my overall opinion of my school is that its a normal school , ive never gone to another college so i cant really compare but its a type of school where i go to class and i leave. i dont stay on campus to long . they ban smoking anywhere on campus which as a smoker and a paying student is absolutely rediculous. they have a new rule where there is no drinks alowwed in library , not even a cup of coffe or bottle of water , (how am i supposed to pull a study session). you have to buy a parking sticker cost 100 bucks, theres never any parking , u have to wait soo long (ive waited up to an hour) to catch a spot, i havnt parked in a real parking lot all semester , im forced to park on gravel , hole fille grounds which ruin you car, alll the way by the fence. i dont find alot of school pride , everyome seems to wanna go in and go home. i dont spend a lot of time on campus its fustration between parking , no coffe in library, no seats in library , and no smoking on campus..... yet tutuion went up and i just see things gettin worse.


My overall opinion of my school is that they are very concerned with helping and seeing the students excel in our studies and extra-curriculum activities.


Overall I like CSI. There are things that need to be changed definitely, my biggest pet peeve with CSI is that 1. the lighting system at night is terrible. its just not bright enough on our campus. Also the fact that many departments are now not allowing students to opt into a class after the class is full, even if the professor is okay with it.


This city college is located on Staten Island but as soon as you enter campus, you feel like you're in the country. With acres and acres of land and trees throughout the campus, there is a feeling of open space and nature; things that you rarely find in New York City boroughs. The classroom sizes are small (about 30) and the teachers are fantastic. The only trouble arises during registration. Because it is a city college, in a heavily populated city, there is an influx of students and a limited number of seats per class. Although this is very frustrating, it is important to tolerate this disadvantage in order to benefit from the small class sizes.