College of Staten Island CUNY Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone that is looking for a party school. This is a commuting school. Many people have two jobs and are on the go constantly because of work or class.


People who aren't serious about what they want out of school. Research is key in knowing what you want and many times you have to find things out on your own, can't depend on the staff to always help you make decisions or point you in the right direction.


A person who is not ready for the diversity of the student population and the staff.


Someone who wants a rigorous education. Someone who wants to learn in an urban (not suburban) environment.


The type of person who doesn't want to learn or do anything with his/her life and is only going there because that person was forced by his parents or other people, every student should have the motivation to want to learn because life will be very tough on you if you dont have a college degree


Slackers. CSI accepts a lot of students, but they have strict probation and dismissal standards.