College of Staten Island CUNY Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


I believe the most frustrating thing about CSI would be the inadequate parking availability. The ratio of parking spaces to driving students is very poor, causing students to park on the other side of campus from where their building is located. More often than not you will hear stories of people arriving 2 hours ahead just to find parking. Even students who are dropped off and picked up by parents or loved ones due to parking being such a hassle. Granted driving has its benefits but on campus it serves as more of a headache or thorn in your side.


The most frustrating thing about the College of Staten Island is getting into the classes that you need. Because of the amount of students it is difficult to get into classes that are needed for your major. This is on of my major problems now because I did not know what career path I wanted to go down when I was entering college. Now I have made my decision and most of the classes that i need are not available at my college.


The Economics Department. The chairperson is very inflexible and will not allow credit for the transfer of microeconomics nor macroeconomics. The professors within the Economics courses are also very inflexible and have trouble teaching. This statement is backed well by student reviews found at In the course I am currently taking my professor does not possess teaching skills expected of even an adjunct lecturer. This too is backed by the weekly complaints made by the majority of the students in my class. Nevertheless, I am doing well in the current course.