College of the Canyons Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


A convenient school for focused and motivated students to complete their first two years successfully and move on to a four-year university with ease.


College of the Canyons is a very inviting school, and both the students and faculty are dedicated to learning and achieving their goals.


Highly ranked community college offering many opportunities from general education to a university center where you can earn a BA or even MA.


College of the Canyons is pn the leading edge of education with great assistance in technology, staff, and student support.


COC is close-nit school, the classes are smaller and the professors are able to give more personalized attention.


College of the Canyons always is amazing from always being able to find a parking spot in the parking lot to the schools landscaping and scenery to the free health department to the great class sizes and to the very proud faculty members and students.


It is a great opportunity for students to get a great education at a cheaper price; you can still get AAs and the ability to transfer to a UC or CSU without paying $1,000 per unit, like most universities.


My school has a good team of art professors. Under my study at the College of the Canyons I was with a lot of exhebitions both in USA and Japan. For the first time College of the Canyons has a class for honer students, to have an exhebition in Tokyo. My professor Robert Walker sent pictures of student's works to Tokyo, and Art University at Tokyo choose the works they will in their exhebition Jun 2009. That exhebition was very important for me as an Art student .