College of the Canyons Top Questions

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Class size. The emphazis on the sciences.


There is plenty of parking if you don't mind walking a little. Also The learning Center (TLC) is amazing! they have a lot of compurters, study areas, group study areas, tutors and books to borrow. They also have essay shops, its very helpful. I also like hanging out at the second level of the library, they have plenty of computers and study space, oh and they have movies to rent for your classes.


I have already attended a university in Arizona and thought that was a wise decision. Even though it was fun at the time I know look back and know it was a unwise decision due to school loans. Now since I go to College of the Canyons I realize this is the best choice and I should have started here. This school cares very much about my academic studies and that want you to succeed. The class sizes are small, campus is beautiful and there's always someone to help if you are in need.


I find that C.O.C.'s diversity of programs and oppertunities is far more vast than other schools I have visited. Along with that my university also offers several different career training services, jobs, and assistance everywhere one goes, so that everyone has a chance at a better life in the long run.


Diverse cultures in mixture with caring staff constitutes for the equivalent of College of the Canyons. My campus is by far the most unique community college because students and staff alike are looking towards one goal, success. Past reputations are left in the parking lot, when you enter a classroom you are an equal; not only are you acknowledge as being a valuable part of the classroom experience, but also a hard worker. Socially the students at College of the Canyons are one of a kind. Ultimately, COC welcomes everyone, from every community with open arms.


College of the Canyons has great teachers--a lot of them just as good, if not better, than any you would find at a university, where you would be charged over twice as much per unit.