College of the Canyons Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about my school, as I mentioned in an earlier question, is definitely the priority registration system. The organization does not make sense and pushes students behind a lot when they are trying to use the school as a stepping stone to get to bigger and better things.


The only frustrating thing about College of the Canyons is that there are not enough upper level classes to accomodate its students. For example, I once had a linear algebra class that could only have 35 students enrolled but there were at least ten people trying to crash on top of the wait list. However, the college has been responding to this issue and has been creating more classes for students.


The most frusturating thing about my school is unity. By unity, i mean that the students at College of the Canyons don't seem to know eachother as well as students in my highschool did. Events such as school dances aren't set up or aren't well advertised. In addition, i've noticed that students tend to hang out in much smaller groups at Coc. I beleive that if more activities at College of the Canyons were well advertised and promoted, students would benefit socially and be able to have a more enriched community college experience.


While a somewhat medium population of College of the Canyons decides to smoke tobacco, all students should not be venerable to the backlash of second hand smoke. The most frustrating thing about my college is the poor attempts to eliminate students smoking campus wide. Though there are consequences, the disciplinary steps are rarely taken when students are caught smoking in non-smoking areas of the campus. This to me is most frustrating because the campus is so beautiful, but not when my eyes are tearing from second hand smoke.


The cafeteria offers a pathetic excuse for food. While we have a Subway, the actual cafeteria offers nothing desirable. I go entire days without eating because of the dismal amount of food there is to choose from.