College of the Canyons Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


College of the Canyons is great at giving their students everything they need to succeed. There are three tutoring areas where tutors for math, English, science, and foreign languages are always available. These areas, along with their library, all have textbooks for students to use so students who can?t afford books but don?t qualify for financial aid can choose to use the campus? resources instead. It?s helped me stay focused and save time and money knowing that I could use their books between classes and have a tutor on hand to explain anything I don?t understand.


The best thing that I consider to be the best things about my school is that we have support in our educational planning and have financial aid services to help us pay our book, classes and other miscellaneous. Also, the school offers programs such as E.O.P.S. which is Exteded Opportunity Program and Services for students in need of one on one counseling and help in need of books for our classes. Also, free tutoring services which is a big plus because tutors help students understand the material better when students dont get it in class.