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The campus has many stairs and steep hills.


Smaller, friendly, just undergrad.


Networking: employers know the reputation of students graduating from Holy Cross


The sense of community at Holy Cross is very strong and I've always felt very welcome here. The size is also comfortable for me, and classes are not huge so I get to know and talk with my professors a lot. Also, the campus is definitely the most beautiful I've seen out of all the colleges I visited. One of the main reasons, however, I chose Holy Cross was its strong academic reputation. I'm sure I'm learning more here than I would anywhere else.


It's like a city on a hill. It's close enough to have access to the surrounding city but it's completely set apart which creates even more of a community feel. The off campus housing is awesome because it's almost all college students and no residents which makes for good party scenes.


Holy Cross is unique in that the students here are well driven individuals that have there future life in mind when studying, yet at the same time know when school is too much and need time to relax. Basically, the school is a work hard, party harder.


it's like a family - very close-knit student body


Valedictorian's speech 2008


International students working and having fun together


Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Commercial, College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, MA.


Sure, tuition is expensive and everyone here was the smartest person in their school. So it may be a wake-up call when you get here that you have to work really hard. But it is worth it in the end. It will pay off.


Holy Cross Rocks! I transferred here, and I thought that I would not fit in at all, I knew that I jsut had to get away from my old school. But I found a loving, caring, and awesome community where I know I will have friends for life (how cliche!), but really, Holy Cross has all the usual annoyances of any school: bad food, stupid admins, etc. But it really is overshadowed by all the other good things and people you find here. I would recommends Holy Cross to anyone with an open mind, and wants to have fun. And those fuckin' SATs are not required anymore! Holla!


Worcester is :/...but Holy Cross makes up for it.


I love it here and really did not want to leave for the summer.


It was tough at first because I am not a huge drinker and I wasn't into the kind of lifestyle a lot of people here lead, but there are PLENTY of people here like you if you're like me, it just takes a little more time to find them because these are more than surface-level relationships and they take time. But they happen don't worry, and they're so much more meaningful. Join clubs and things like that to find people that are like you, those will be the closest friends you'll have. Go to sports games with your friends, they're fun and people get really into it, which is awesome. In the end I am so glad I came to this school, the education is amazing, professors are great, and you do learn a whole lot, despite sometimes being a bit overloaded with work. In the end though, this is higher education so you can't lose sight of the fact that academics are a major reason you're here...


I love this school!


Yes, as you could probably tell from my seasoned sarcasms, this is not my first questionaire I have been asked to fill out. I understand that you want to get some feedback, but come talk to me. I'm much more amiable in person. Mostly because I'm not witty enough to come up with this off the top of my head. All kidding aside, Holy Cross is a great school and I'm incredibly happy here. I know this because I'm looking at 4 months away from campus and really not looking forward to it at all. I have met wonderful people, have had my beliefs challenged and my brain worked hard, and have been given the opportunity to do lots of stuff that I probably couldn't do at home, like ballroom dance, or go to Kenya next May. I have grown in my faith, also, because Holy Cross is a campus that is conducive to discussing and learning about my faith and the faith of others. Likewise, I have had my eyes opened by going to somewhere that different from what I am used to: New England has a unique flavor, and we'll leave it at that. But, as Steph had just said over my left shoulder, I do love it. I couldn't pick another place that I would be equally happy with in the long run.


Um...Holy Cross is amazing. I think it needs to be publicized more.


Holy Cross, like any school, is not perfect. But it's pretty great. If you're thinking of coming here, come do an overnight and see if you feel you'd fit in here. That's really the best way to decide where to go to college, in my opinion.


Holy Cross is the place to be!! Nothing bad about it!!


As a rising senior, I have never been on Caro Street, the local off-campus party area. It is definitely possible, even easy, to avoid the drinking scene if you want to.


Holy Cross has become my home.


Holy Cross has been an amazing experience. I can't imagine going to college anywhere else. Living abroad has been fabulous, but it made me appreciate how fantastic Holy Cross really is!


Holy Cross is the place to be


Holy Cross is the BEST PLACE EVER


I love the school very happy i chose to go here


Holy Cross is a good place


this is the best school in the nation. we work harder and play harder than anyone else!


The tuition is outrageous. Enrollment for classes is terrible, as is the housing selection process. The campus is gorgeous.


By far, Saint Patrick's Day is the biggest day of the year!


Holy Cross is truly an amazing place to be. Everyone gripes from time to time, but that's human nature. Whether you want to try new things or pick up where you left off, Holy Cross has it, if it doesn't, you make it happen. You learn to be self-sufficient and how to take charge of a group when something needs to get done. You'll find your best friends, mentors and inspirations all in the same place. When you walk onto campus, you can just feel it if it's right.

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