College of the Holy Cross Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The kind of person that should not attend The College of the Holy Cross is someone who is not willing to be challenged academically. I have found that the academics at Holy Cross are demanding and if a student is not willing to put time and energy into their studies, this may not be the right school for them. Also, if a student is looking for a school where you do not run into the same people everyday, Holy Cross is not the right school for them since it has roughly 3,000 students.


At Holy Cross, there is a standard of academics that is expected. Students who attend the college are there for a reason. many students struggle, but if they make an effort to do better, they will survive in the high stress environment. Students who are not willing to go to extra help, or make the first move in establishing relationships with faculty do not get very far. The school is very small, so it is to your advantage to make connections. Students who are not ready to do this should not attend.


Someone who is prone to panic attacks, who gets easily stressed out, or someone that doesn't really want to focus.


A laid back, relaxed person just trying to get by.


Someone shouldnt attend here if he/she does not want to be constantly challenged


Anyone who is overly eccentric, as most people here are "normal," for all intents and purposes. Also, the school is not very diverese, so non-whites might feel out of place. There isn't a huge music or art program, so the artisitic types mught want to look elsewhere.


Any person who wants a school with great athletics or a large, diverse school. Any person who wants to study a specific field or who wants to be located in a big city. Any person how does not want to hike up a hill to get to/from class and food and who does not like adverse weather conditionc (snow/rain/wind/etc).

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