College of the Ouachitas Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


They biggest and best advice that I would give myself as a high school senior is to wait to have a family. Go to college, get your education first, there is no perfect time for anything. College does not get any cheaper and as you get older, life gets in the way. When you are young your memory, your eye site and your energy level will never be better. Do not give up, do whatever it takes to make you what you have always wanted to be. Go to college now, while you are young, because it is so much harder when you are 53 and have grandchildren that depend on you. Although you can do it at age 53, I wish I had started right after high school, the extra money that I could have made would have helped raise my children.


Life is a roller coaster. Ride it with your eyes wide and keep your arms high! Don't stress the small stuff. You are not fat! Study hard! Keep your yearbook, you will want to read it later! Don't be afraid to be an individual, you really are special! Thank your teachers for putting up with all those brats! The more organizations you are apart of, the more scholarships you are open to. Hard work and dedication really is worthwhile! Have fun! You are only young once!


If i could go back in time to give myself future knowledge i would tell myself to study harder. This would allow me to tell myself that if i just put a little more effort into my school work, it would have allowed me to have gotten a scholarship easier. Telling me about what i have gone through during my first couple of semesters at college would motivate me and i would also tell myself that some of the specifics that i will need when i get into college; like english because world literature will be a challenge. All of this advice that i could give myself would have allowed me to have a better gain of knowledge during college because i wouldn't have to re-learn anything. This scholarship will allow me to better myself and put me on a higher plain of knowledge and give me a better shot in the real world.


Meca, Though college may seem intimidating and unnecessary at the moment, you will learn that without it, life can be very complicating. Sure, everyone wants to take a break after high school, but this is absolutely the worst decision one can make. Once made, you will learn that college will become the least of your concerns and you will continually put it off. In fact, you will decide to make a family and have kids. Yes, having a family of your own is a great experience, but when the only job you can get to support them is minimum wage, you will then regret your decision of not going to college. There is always the opportunity to go then, but you will find it to be extremely stressful and difficult. You now have your kids to take care of, bills to pay, and a spouse to keep happy on top of studying and trying to make good grades. Therefore, for the best interest of you and the family you will have in the future, I beg that you make the transition directly from high school to college and accomplish your degree. Life?s journey will be less stressful by far.