College of the Siskiyous Top Questions

What should every freshman at College of the Siskiyous know before they start?


If I could go back in time I would make the time to study harder and get better grades in High School. I do not think I learned very good study habits, I think good study habits would really have helped me this first year in College. I would also have saved my money. College is expensive, books, tuitition, dorms, cafeteria it all costs money. I appreciate the time I am spending in College making a change for my future. I also wish that I had the opportunity to visit more California campuses that way when I graduate I would have a better idea of which school to transfer to.


Michelle here are some things that you can do to make the college transition more beneficial to you. One; get good grades. Having a high gpa will make you stand out in competition for tough universities, and high rewarding grants and scholarships. Two; research your dream schools. Study their admission pages, learn what they have to offer, and learn about what the requirements are. Make notes of admission deadlines, and be prepared to turn in your application on time. Apply for everything early ensuring all things necessary have time to fall into place, and if you made any mistakes you have time to fix them. Three; apply for as many scholarships as possible. Money is a requirement to obtain a degree. You have to think of all the little and big bills you will have. Tutition or registrartion fees, books (which are exspensive and necessary), rent, transportation expences, electricity, water, heating, cell phone, internet, computer, food, etc. Living is expensive, and any type of free money is going to benefit your education so much. The last thing I have to tell you is have patience with yourself. One step at a time, you will get there.


My situation is rather different than most. I technically never was a High School senior. I graduated my Junior year from a charter school and I had already been taking classes at the community college for two and a half years. If I had continued school normally I'd be a senior now, but I'm almost finished with my Associate's degree. I think what I would have told myself when I was 14 and went into my first college class, I would have said "Don't be nervous, you won't fail. Even though classes will feel like they drag on forever and you'll barely have the money or patience to keep going, there is an end and all the money and time you spent will be well worth it in the end. You're going to make very good grades (except in Math you'll get a C) and you're going to make more friends when you're not so much younger than everyone else. You'll be just fine. You won't fail, in fact you excel, and don't stop playing the piano in between classes. You'll play beautifully with practice."


I would say self you need to go to college get the best education you can get. If I do not I will go nowhere in life. I will work at low paying jobs and never have any savings to fall back on. I would tell myself how important getting a good job when your young, like a union job. I would graduate high school and go into college so I could start my career early in life. I would wait to finish school before having a family to take care of also. Going on to college from high school will be much easier than returning to school after being out for several years. Education is very important to the rest of your life, it is the foundation of the begining of my life.


I would start school earlier in life


If I could go back in time I would tell myself to not take the three years of a break after highscool. I would try and convince myself that the quicker I went to college the quicker I would get the job i wanted to make my life better in all ways. I would also tell myself that I do not need to over work myself. I would also say to keep an open mind, and stay involved with school activities and opportunities because of the motivation these give you while in school. Believe in yourself always.


I would give myself the advice to work harder at the end of te year to better prepare myself


Study harder, and get your books early.