College of Western Idaho Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself to get more involved in extra-curriculars, and not to give in to the procrastination that so often attempted to take root. I would tell myself to be ready for anything, because you never know what is going to happen. If I had told myself that, I may have been better prepared for my first semester at CWI, because in that first semester, my car broke down and was unable to be fixed or replaced, my house flooded and I had to live in hotels for over 2 months because of all of the repairs taking place, and I got, and lost, my first job. Can you imagine all of that in one semester? I would have told myself to get apply for jobs a lot more often, so that I could have had more money to pay for school with. I would tell myself not to put all of my eggs in one basket, not to just assume I'd qualify for scholarships, because as it turned out, all I have been able to recieve during my time in college, are loans, no scholarships at all. I would have told myself not to give up.


Try harder. There is no going back. Give it your all now instead of having regrets later.


I was a very difficult teen. I didn't have plans or goals for my future, and I didn't wanna go to college. If I could go back and tslk to my "younger self", I would tell myself that college is a good option. Getting a degree earlier is easy than waiting til your a little older and have a family and have to work.


The most important thing is to stay in college and finish what youve begun! I made the mistake of dropping out and waited until the age of 38 to get back into school and it has been considerably more difficult at my age than it would have been at a younger age. Make sure that you choose a field of study that is going to afford you a job you can enjoy. You spend most of your time as an adult working and it is important to select a job that you enjoy or it can be maddening going to work each day.