College of William and Mary Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


We are very well known for being a small liberal arts college that provides a well-rounded education while small class size gives you more individual attention. But we are also known as being academically challenging compared to most other schools.


Yule Log. We gather outside of the Wren building and present the different holiday traditions for each religion. Then our President, a tradition in and of himself, dressed up as Santa Claus and reads 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas.' Our VP presents us with 'Twas the Night Before Finals' and we are serenaded by both the W&M Choir and an a cappella group, The Gentlemen of the College. Then we all enter the Great Hall to throw a sprig of holly into the fire, burning our stress and making a wish for the coming year.


Just like every other college, The College of William and Mary boasts of its famous alumni, including three early United States presidents, Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, and John Tyler. While many academic institutions can claim their own prodigies, 317 years' worth of alumni set William and Mary apart from every other school but Harvard (the only school in the country older than W&M, although we have the oldest continually used academic building in the United States). Any student will tell you that history and tradition are paramount here, and the history speaks for itself.


My school is best known for a competitive and rigorous academic curriculum, research oppurtunities, and community feel. And of course, being in Colonial Williamsburg.


William & Mary is best known for its academic strength. Acceptance into this school is very competitive and the education admitted students receive is top-notch. William & Mary has been said to provide a private school education at a public school cost. As a student who is interested in pursuing medicine as a career path, William & Mary was a great option because students who maintain a B - B+ average have a 75-85% rate of acceptance into medical schools.


Strong academics infused with an emphasis on undergraduate research.


One of the best public schools in America. Also, second oldest school in the country.


William and Mary is best known for its history and for its challenging academics. The history of the campus is rich and incredible: founded in 1693 chartered by King William and Queen Mary, it houses the oldest academic building in the United States (the Christopher Wren building), and boasts such reputable alumni as Thomas Jefferson and Jon Stewart. Courses are very challenging and encourage students to think and learn in new ways. It is sometimes difficult to keep up with one's courseload, but if it weren't challenging then it wouldn't be worth it.


William & Mary is best known for its history, its quality of academics, and its location, as well as its famous alumni (ex. Jon Stewart).


I believe that my school is best known for its academic focus and its long history. Not only is it one of the oldest schools in the country (the oldest, depending on how you define it) but it still produces scholars, academics, politicians, and national/international leaders.


Being the 2nd oldest university in America, we are rich in tradition and continue to graduate leaders. With that said, William and Mary is best known for their balanced approach to the college experience. Not only are students pushed to grow intellectually, but they are also encouraged to have a healthy social life. This balance helps students not only grow as an academic but as a person and citizen of the United States. This approach helps us grow in so many ways and prepares us for the real world which often comes too quick after four years of college education.


We are best known for our commitment to academics and our honor code.


Liberal arts education


The College of William and Mary is best known for its traditions and historical significance. The school boasts graduates that had great influence on both the United States and the world as a whole. When you walk around campus, it is difficult not to realize how much history took place at William and Mary. Everything from the architecture to the traditional ceremonies emphasizing the pride of what the school has accomplished.


The fact that we're located in Williamsburg. In academic circles, it has a very good reputation but most other people haven't heard of it.


it's beautiful, very old.


Academic achievement