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I think the people are the most unique about the school. You have so many students from various backgrounds who all have certain attributes in common: hardworking, proactive, critical-thinkers. However, what makes William and Mary students more unique is that they are all a little bit quirky, everyone has something interesting to share or some interesting passion that drives them. More specific to my situation William and Mary offers a joint degree program with the university of St. Andrews that allows students to explore their majors in more depth than normal US universities. This program is unique.


The College is great and I have no complaints. Take advantage of the connections at the College, and craft an education that is unique to you.


Although I haven't started college yet, I have learned of the distinction of being a William and Mary student in my home state of Virginia. I have learned that in VA, WM's reputation is that it is a highly rigorous and very selective school that accepts only the brainiest and smartest, highest achieving students. This reputation is greater than even UVa's, as WM is known almost exclusively for its alumni and academics and not so much for athletics as UVa is. Since I decided to attend William and Mary (it was an easy decision) the dozens of people that I have met have each exclaimed, "Wow!" or "Ohh, good for you!" or "You must be really smart," or "that is quite an accomplishment." Thus, if you are considering schools in Virginia, going to WM will make you seem brainier and more intelligent than any other school, even UVa. Also, people at WM DO have fun. This is a common misconception, that kids don't drink, party, or overall engage in any sort of debauchery. This is not true! We have blowout, which is two weeks of drinking before finals. Literally, no one is sober for any of it, and even a few professors have been known to shotgun beers during lectures! Dance party's and hook-ups are a popular activity.


William and Mary has a history that other schools don't have; the college was found in 1693, making it the second oldest college in the United States


The presiding feeling of community; there was no where else that I visited that I found all persons so incredibly accomodating. Everyone who attends is happy to be there, and sorry to leave once graduation rolls around.


William and mary is public, but small, with less than 6,000 undergraduates. This allows for a small school feel, but with a large school research program. The campus is so amazing because of its history. The Wren Building is very interesting, and makes you feel like you went back in time to when Jefferson attended school. I also like the traditions, such as Yule Log, where President Reveley read "How the Grinch Stole Christmas." The people are very accomodating and nice here as well.


William and Mary is a place where people come together as a community. When you step onto the campus you know that the people here are destined to do great things. It's an Ivy League experience without the Ivy League price. As the second oldest school in the country, we have history that can't be found anywhere else. We even have the oldest in use academic building in the US.


This school is great! If you want an intellectual environment with a ton of different types of people who are respectful, kind, and fun this is a place for you. We may be nerds at heart, but we know how to party when necessary!


William & Mary provides its students with a close-knit campus community. It is a big enough school so that there are always new people to meet, but small enough so that on a walk across campus, you will always bump into a couple of friends. Even though William & Mary is an academically challenging school, the atmosphere here is far from competitive. Students want to help each other and are interested in the success of their peers as well as their own.


William and Mary is special in its strong sense of community. Every person you bump into on campus is either someone you know, or someone who knows someone you know. People are very courteous, opening doors for each other, and offering directions with friendly smiles. As an entering freshmen, I wasn't sure how someone as shy as I was would handle living away from my family, but William and Mary was warm and inviting, and helped me interact more.


most academically rigorous


One of the most unique aspects of William and Mary is the exceptional quality of undergraduate research. The excellent research opportunities for undergraduate students is owed to the rare combination of high research quality (as would be found at a research university) in a small college setting. Because there are so many fewer students at the College than would be at a larger research university, undergraduate students can work directly with faculty on research that is significant and, in nearly all cases, worthy of publication.


I'm losing steam here, but I'll just finish by qualifying all of what I've written above with this: W&M is 100% what you make of it, and so pinning down a description applicable to the masses is an impossible task. As for me, I won't remember the College too fondly, though I will remember the friends (peers as well as professors) that I made here, and warmly. The student body is happy-go-lucky. The student body is often naive. For the most part, though, the student body has a good heart and a good head. Find your niche, and you just might thrive.


Public school that is small enough to create a family among the students that attend it.


This school is the perfect size and distance from my hometown. It also has a very strong academic focus, as well as an involved alumni community. Everyone here loves the school and when visiting I felt welcomed into the community already.


Colonial Williamsburg, more affordable, better weather


A few things: The professors here are, while of course not all perfect, mostly pretty brilliant, which makes class a whole lot more enjoyable. It lets you enjoy a subject you might never have thought you would. The campus here is definitely the most beautiful I came across while doing the summer college tour routine. Also this place was pretty unique, along with a few select others naturally, in being both a really cohesive student body and very open to, well, everything. It's very easy to feel very welcome here.


William and Mary has a strong sense of history and tradition. The students are extremely intellegent and friendly. Some students complain about the lack of diversity, but I have found a wide variety of friends that I would have never met if it wasn't for this school. I love William and Mary because of how passionate the students are.


No where else creates the totally consuming atmosphere of support and understanding that encourages students to reach higher or further than otherwise seemed possible. Both peers and professors keep you on track while opening your mind to new ways of thinking.


Very old, beautiful campus.


The campus at William and Mary is gorgeous.


I like it's location and high standards.


The Tribe Pride is truly unique. I've never seen any other school that is as proud and supportive of their community. There isn't even a true mascot; our Tribe 'feathers' were recently taken away because of NCAA rulings, but still there is such excitement for any competitive event. Tribe Pride!


Great school spirit. Great atmosphere, unique surrounding area. Emphasis on studying, but we still have fun.


I looked at Ivy League or Ivy-caliber schools, and the most important difference about W&M when SHOPPING for colleges was the price tag. Now, though, I recognize a humility about students here that are lacking at those Ivy League institutions; people here are really bright, but really humble and don't feel a need to flaunt it. Some go on to Wall Street or big buck careers, but many go on to the Peace Corps, TFA, Americorps--some type of way to give back to the world.


The community at my school is fantastic. Students, faculty, and staff of all backgrounds and interests are friendly, welcoming, and always ready to help. My school places a big emphasis on community service as well, and we're known for our large number of international service trips and local service endeavors. I believe we have one of the largest percentages of students participating in community service in the nation.


Wm & Mary is not phony - it is a really good school (best small public nationally) .


Research opportunities and high rigor academics


Student's unparalleled commitment to service and passion/mirth for the environment around them, the genuine interest in learning, the incredible sense of community, and the access and close relationships with professors.


It's amazing here!


Conservative students may feel frustrated and ignored at this school.


Didn't that say it all?


I have no idea who Sam Sadler is.


I know this has made it sound like I hate William and Mary, which I don't. I have met amazing people and made great friends in my time here. We make sure to have fun and can always come up with something to do on the weekends. However, if I had known my straight-laced former self would want to socialize as much as I do now, I would have gone to Penn State, where I could have done less work and gotten better grades, while partying every night and finding attractive boys to date.


The Orientation Program at William and Mary is amazing. By the end of the first five days of school, you will be best friends with almost everyone on your hall. It makes the transition into college seamless and much less stressful. Sharpe Community Scholars Program - another hidden gem on campus. This program is an honors program for freshman that combined academics with service learning and community service in both Williamsburg and Richmond. Students live together in the same dorm and have the opportunity to really reach out beyond the walls of W&M and make an impact. If your a new freshman and like service in any way, look it up and apply!


In the beginning I hated this place worse than anything. I'd say the more you get involved in things you really love, the happier you'll be. We're all pretty academic at heart, so take advantage of clubs and groups that you feel passionately about. That can be a really good social outlet. You learn a lot about yourself here, good and bad.


William & Mary is excellent if you find your niche. If you feel left out, it's hard to work around that because there aren't many other people around our age and Williamsburg is very limiting. Most people who don't like it leave, despite the fact that it's incredible academically.


i feel i have said enough... thanks for the opportunity!


I love W&M. I think it is a great school, hands down one of the best preparations for Undergraduate education. Period. I'm a nerd, an egghead, and a study-freak that isn't fully reflective of the students here. But I really can say intelligent and creative people who are engaging to talk to is the case with students of every lifestyle here at W&M.


It seems like EVERYBODY at this school runs. Seriously.


William and Mary is definetly what you make it. There is so much to do, you just have to be open and willing to put in the effort. If you do, you get so much more out of it than you can imagine. also, community service is a really big deal. We have a lot of different tutoring programs, relay for life, a local version of habitat for humanity, special olympics swimming. Students really do want to give back


While the work is challenging it is definitely doable. You wouldn't be accepted if they didn't think that you could handle the work. Great community, environmentally concious, almost everyone I know volunteers somewhere- I am so glad I came here and can't imagine myself anywhere else. Preppy but not too dressed up for class Brick pathways flood in some places after it rains so buy galoshes!


The government department is excellent!


I think I got it all


The girls here are harder to have sex with then at a lot of other schools.


I love William and Mary, but sometimes it frustrates me.


W+M is a great place for an education, in a shitty town, with a social scene that needs an overhaul. However, if you are willing to work for your good times (and kill a few brain cells) I would not tell you to stay away, especially if you are a VA resident - the price and quality of education is compelling.


If you are smart and straightedge come to this school. If you are smart and like to party you should go to another school (probably UVA)


There is something we look for, that William and Mary thrives on. It is the same spark that wrote the Declaration of Independence. It's corny, I know, but it is true. We look for this eccentric intellectualism. We look for academics who are concerned about humankind. We are looking for those willing to improve life. We are not looking for arrogant individuals or assholes.


The environment here is pathetic.