College of William and Mary Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing for me was just how small it was. The student community did not really venture outside of the campus walls because there wasn't much to do beyond them.


The cost of Living in a University is very expensive. Not only is laundry a real issue to have to deal with but eating on an on-campus restraurant will leave you broke for the rest of your collegiate career. I wish it was less expensive to have a social life in a University.


The worst thing about William and Mary would have to be the night life. Not much around campus is open past 9:00 pm, and there isn't a lot to do.


The uniformity of the socio-economic status of the students who attend. I would describe the most of them as being upper-middle class to incredibly wealthy.


By far the worst thing about my school is not having enough time in a day to do everything. As an active college student, like most college students are, I find it nearly impossible to do everything I want to do within the confines of a 24 hour day. It's just simply not possible to eat three meals, go to classes, study, attend meetings, hang out with friends, and make those big dreams become a reality within a day. College students dream big - we need bigger days to help us achieve our dreams!


The work load and the lack of a social life.


The worst thing about our school are the brick walkways. Even though they look gorgeous with our historic campus, it is a risk everytime you step out of a dorm. No matter if you wear flip flops, sneakers, boots, and especially heels, you have a high chance of twisting of an ankle.


Students are at times too self-involved. many of the students here become caught up in their studies and their extra-curricular activities, so much so that they miss out on friendships, reality, and even their basic surroundings.


Most of the guys are not attractive, and you have to put in a lot of effort to have a fun social life. You can't just walk down the street and find a lot of crazy parties.


We are a great community but losing lots of money due to budget cuts from the government and very conservative alumni who don't always approve of the current forward-thinking, more accepting current students and more recent alumni.


The on-campus housing lottery system is a mess.


Housing Bump-- when the college has up coming sophomores, juniors and seniors go through a time slot for housing the next year. Sophomores and Juniors then, through the time slot given, go through bumping, where they might not be given on campus housing. Its one thing I would like to tell people who want to go here, because I never knew this was a problem until trying to get campus housing for my sophomore year as a freshman.


There isn't that much to do in Williamsburg, and the town is not as receptive to students as one might expect. But despite that, you can still have a lot of fun.


The worst thing I would consider about my school, from a practical standpoint, is the availability of summer jobs. This might be because of the recession right now, but there is very little work for college students available on and around campus. due to the small and sleep nature of Williamsburg. I had work experience in high school, but I'm worried as to whether or not I will be able to establish myself here in any way over the summer or in the off-time if I need money.


The administration has not been bringing in the necessary funding to help our school grow and improve. William and Mary is a public university and we still rely on state funding. With the down turn of the economy the state has decided to cut our educational budget by a significant amount. Our operating costs are barely covered by the state funding. It bothers me that our school is still public when we receive such little funding from the state of Virginia. We look and act like a private school, so lets stop pretending and become one.


Academics are VERY difficult, which is good for important classes but not good when you're just trying to get what should be an easy requirement class out of the way. Social scene somewhat revolves around greek life.


Isolation can happen to a student due to finances.


Most of the students are unoriginal and uninteresting, but I suspect I would find that problem at most other universities as well.


It is not socially the best and there are little surrounding attractions that target young college students.


The town is horrible. Williamsburg provides no fun. Hope you get a car.




The lack of entertainment outside the campus. Everything in town closes so early that it can be hard to find something to do on weekend nights.


I consider the unequal balance between social and academic life is the worst thing about my school. There is too much pressure to do well academically, which is important, but students need to have the ability to let off some steam. I believe the college should have part of the responsibility to do this because it is located in a small city so there is not much to do outside of the campus.


I can't list eveything that is bad about William & Mary in 100 words. Housing is awful. I had bad housing as a freshman, and I have worse housing this year. Classes are ridiculously hard to get into. It's too preppy and rich. Williamsburg is a horrible town because there is nothing to do. Some buildings are embarassingly out-dated and should be torn down. The only savig grace is the excellent faculty. I kind of wish I had stayed in Missouri and gone to the University of Missouri with my friends or to Washington University in St. Louis.


Extremely liberal and filled with people who do not understand the issues they protest about.


There is no guaranteed housing for upper classmen


aging facilities


The worst thing is that it is much more expensive to out-of-state students, roughly 3 times as much as in-state tuition. I was out of state, so I found it a bit off-putting that it worked that way, but not enough to change my mind about how much I loved this college.


I think that there is not enough balance between social life and academics. The school's curriculum puts way too much effort on academia that often times students get lost in work and stress and do not get the chance to grow emotionally as well as they would somewhere less stressful.


Bias in teaching. Very much focused on an atheistic worldview and thusly religion is not seen as valid at all.


The students and social life are awful. They are more clique like and stuck up than you can ever imagine. if you don't live off of daddy's money. then this isn't the school for you. Pearls, polos, yachts, and country clubs are the norm.


Some of the dorms don't have ac....and its pretty hot and muggy in williamsburg.