College of William and Mary Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


You should attend this school if you like a very academically driven community. If you like a small community where you have to discover your own fun. You should attend this school if you like historical facts and enjoy living among history.


The University of Arizona is a great school to attend. The diversity here is incredible and will help students create international relationships. The Univeristy of Arizona is also a small community and a true college town. The feel of comraderie is amazing and helps you feel like you are with family.


In ordert to succeed at the College of William and Mary, a student must be extremely motivated and dedicated to their studies. It is very important for students at the college to be able to handle stress well, in addition to know how to manage other activities aside from school work.


The students best suited for the College of William and Mary are studious, gregarious, and driven. From my experience, students are intelligent yet modest, eccentric yet accepting, and witty yet compassionate. The typical William and Mary student is exceedingly bright, hardworking, and conscientious. It is essential that students at W&M focus on their studies for academic success.


People who are passionate about their interests and want to meet new people.


Academically, anyone who is hardworking and enjoys intellectual challenge will fit in well, especially if he or she recognizes that the learning environment extends beyond the classroom. Extracurricularly, there is a niche for every interest, so a prospective student should be prepared to participate in a wide range of activities and to learn the basics of time-management. Socially, the typical William and Mary student is a bit quirky, but loveably so, and will easily develop a social circle within the close-knit community. William and Mary welcomes any student who is willing to embrace the College's many offerings.


Any student who wishes to receive a quality education in a more intimate, small college environment. William and Mary is also very diverse and accepting of students from all walks of life.


Someone who would enjoy a challenge and/ or the person who wa s usually at or near the head of their high school classes. Someone who does not need a busy city life, but who enjoys space, air, and natural beauty (although cities are 45-50 minutes away for weekend activities :) ) Also, someone who knows how to balance school and fun, because otherwise the schoolwork quite possibly will pull you down.


I am an extremely driven individual. I full-heartedly tackle challenges and competition ensuring that I exert nothing less than exceptional. Due to my vying personality, my life has been sculpted around my resolute determination for achievement. Therefore, a person that possesses similar characteristics, namely the intense drive to pursue their goals, should attend The College of William and Mary. It doesn't matter what an individual is interested in. Instead, an individual's dynamic motivation in life is certainly the quality that The College of William and Mary prizes.


Established in 1693, William and Mary is one of the oldest universities in the nation. People who come here should have an appreciation for history and a willingness to wrap themselves up in its many tradition. The schoolwork, though doable, is challenging. Students who attend this school work hard. At the same time, plenty of fun activities, like scavenger hunts and concerts happen on campus, so potential students must be willing to have a good time.


A person who is dedicated, smart, willing to take risks but also willing to get their heart broken.


Only the very focused and determined, and people that are willing to put in a ton of work for fairly mediocre grades.


Someone who is driven for success but not consumed by it; someone who is well-rounded with sports, academics, extra-curriculars, social atomsphere - willing to work hard and go beyond expectations but who also knows how to relax and enjoy life.


An enthusiastic, energetic individual excited about learning and powerfully driven; someone who knows the importance of a sound education, and one who considers the purpose of college to be, above all things, to LEARN. A William and Mary student knows that partying and socializing are fun, but that grading is challenging here, so they make sure that they put their work first. Also a person who desires that their college represent a rich and authentic history belongs here. One who appreciates a communal strength--found in their student body--would feel at home here as well.


Somebody who wants to be a doctor or lawyer. That's what W&M is good at. Or an English degree if you want to deal with a whole lot of pompous assholes, both in the faculty and student body.


Above all, hard work is one of the most valued characteristics for students. You can't come to William and Mary and expect to party your way through school. It takes a lot of hard work to push through the sometimes extremely heavy courseloads. Professors continually raise the performance bar for students. Students also tend to be quirky and smart. There is a very high concentration of Type A personalities.


Creative, outgoing people who are willing and excited to try new and different experiences.


A W&M student should want to see the world and change it for the better, having the initiative, the talent, and the smarts to get it done.


The kind of person who should attend William and Mary should be smart, friendly, willing to work hard, fun-loving, and a little bit nerdy.


someone who is ready for a lot of hard work and is looking for a good small school, not a party school


Someone interested in learning, either from Virginia or from upper-middle class Northeast Corridor.


Someone who is exceptionally intelligent, very committed to learning, and prepared to work really hard. We certainly have some students who aren't particularly bright, but they all seem to be business majors or athletes and are definitely not in the mainstream. Also, prospective W&M students should realize that being smart will not guarantee them good grades here (we have notorious grade deflation, and in my experience most of the really gifted people I know have pretty low GPAs), so again, you'll probably be most happy here if you're doing it to learn rather than to succeed.


A student that is motivated to achieve and a hard worker but that grades are not the end all be all.


Smart , driven individuals


Someone who is serious about academics, wants state of the art professors, and likes strong community.


Anyone with plans for doing research or projects (though it's definitely not a necessity), anyone with a real interest for learning new things, people who like the intimacy of smaller colleges (W&M has around 5000 undergrads) and the relative quietness of Williamsburg, people who want to challenge themselves academically. People, in short, who are motivated to succeed and aren't ashamed of that fact.


Come to this school if you are serious about academics but want to avoid the cut-throat environment of other ivies and pseudo-ivies. Also, come here if you want to be involved in a lot of extra-curriculars.