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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


College life is rough. It is very different than high school, and you are going to meet a lot of diverse pople there. The work load is greater than what you are use to but it will be worth it in the end. College is different because the people who are there want to be there, and not because the have to be. Make sure you pick a school that will help you after you are done also this is very important (job placement). Having a staff that cares about there students is crucial. You are going to be there alone and need as much suport as you can get. While there try to get invloved in all the extra-curricular activities the school offers (they are fun and look good on a resume also).


to stick with my education and not to give up . it's the largest mistake one could ever make


When thinking about college and the transition, start thinking about it sooner than your senior year. It would be better to start thinking about college and the transition of college life in eighth grade. Things work better if you start planning and preparing for college before you enter high school. Also a big test known as the ACT's work better if you prepare for it before you have to take it your junior year. Prepare for the ACT's starting your freshman year in high school that way your chances of getting into a good school are better.