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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would first ask Cynthia(myself),so what schools/colleges are you looking to attend ? Cynthia what did you want to major in? Why don't you look at a few in state and out of state and see which ones focus on your interest. And make sure you apply for any and all scholarships to assist you with the cost. Remember you will probably need to stay in a dorm ,so that means your will need food etc. Focus on graduating with exellent grades.Push hard . There should have been some thoughts you've had throughout high school, have you put those in action? Prepare yourself mentally also!


The only advice that could be provided at this important occasion would be simply this. I have a great mind and attitude towards all the many great things i excell at and enjoy participation in. This life is only so long and it doesnt matter what one does with their life its what one used their time doing. Schools, universities, colleges, and institutes are their to help students learn and thrive with all the important and self expanding skills they have to offer but only one individual can make that happen. having fun and seeing the atmosphere of those that most likely not succeed is enjoyable to particapate in now, but when the clock finaly lands on that number and the realization sets in that this one students found fun and games more important than school. There are second chances available but this is the first chance and teh most important chance of all. Better to succeed now wile the mind is fresh and fertile than to wait 20 years or more down the road wishing ones self had committed to and education and not a life of negativity. These words will carry you far and learn you well.


Cynthia, I want to encourage you to make sure you look for and apply for schools that interest you in the field you would like to enter in, as well as apply for all scholarships and other financial aide that is available to you. Cynthia ,don't be afraid of applyiing to different colleges in state and out of state that focus on what you would like to major in, in college. Apply for all scholarships,grants you qualify for and if necessary even loans , also make sure you get personal references from people who have known you and can speak of you on a personal level. Remember preparation all around is very necessary from finances to your living arrangements. Cynthia don't be afraid to ask questions if you do not know the anwser. Don't count yourself out before you can be counted in.


The advice that i would give myself is to first off, stop worrying about what your friends are doing; they will not be there with you in college, so please take the time to make yourself a priority and DO your best, stop trying. Your main obstacle has been trying to "fit in" but you will never fit in because you were born to shine. Take your place and strive for better. Don't be content with blending into the crowd and accepting mediocrity. You are a star so shine. In college, you have the opportunity to befriend people more like yourself, like- minded individuals who will change the world, like yourself. Focus on you goals and dream big. The college transition is not as difficult as your guidance counselors expressed, but it will require you to be more mature and to rely on yourself to get things done, mommy and daddy will not be there to hold your hand. Therefore, trust your heart and make wise decisions. Choose your friends carefully and set goals, and then accomplish them...Remember: Anything worth somehting in life is worth the fight,so fight to protect your dreams and never let them go.


I will motivate myself more in doing all my school and home work, plus my private assignment that I have; since college is no longer like high school where teachers use to help me with my class work. Therefore, I know that college has lot of work; I must work hard to achieve all my goals and dreams. And continue to a second stage which is completion of my course and start new life.