Collin County Community College District Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The students at my school are very diverse, they kinda do their own thing which I enjoy a lot. No one is ever worried about anyone else, they all just kinda do their own thing.


The students are really hard working and want to do everything they can to graduate.


most classmates are friendly and very like minded in what they are trying to achieve at the college. they are easy to get along with and work with


I have only attended one semester at this school so far but I have already met a lot of really interesting people. People from all over the country majoring in all kinds of fields. My favorite part of meeting all these different people is getting to learn what motivated them to choose the major that they decided upon.


To be honest out of all of my four classes I only talk to about three students from my class about that class.


Most of my classmates were roughly around my age and were really nice.


My classmate are very diverse and different from one another.


Nearly all of my classmates are goal-driven and career-focused, a few (my friends) are philosophically minded thinkers always looking at the implications of what their field means, some are particularly bright and thoughtful, and all are polite and friendly.


My classmates can often be quiet at times, but when they do get involved their opions are very interesting and help add to the classroom discussion.


My classmates are very helpful and extremely generous.


I love my classmates at school, mostly because they are my friends or friends that I have made throughout my two years at college.


The students at CCCCD are a wide array of people.


My classmates include a diverse group of students from all walks of life that are all looking to save money by attending a community college, but are passionate about continuing their education.


The students I see in the classrooms here are all focused and come prepared to learn.


Collin College students are driven, diverse, and determined to succeed.


The majority of my classmates are conservative republicans between the ages 20 and 25.


We are closer friends because the classes are smaller than at a private college.


The people I go to school with are from all over the world. In one class, half of it will be international students who speak English as a second language. They are very intelligent bright people with lots of money from mommy and daddy.


My classmates are music majors, like me, and are all extremely talented, creative, and love to be around other people and use music to bring people together.


My classmates are awesome, kind, and very helpful.

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