Collin County Community College District Top Questions

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It was close to home and offered the same classes that I would be taking at a major university at a cheaper rate.


There are three different campuses that are not too far from one another. For example, I start my school day in Plano and end it in Mckinney. Each different campus is unique and holds a diverse environment.


I have found it to be unique because of all the the different opportunities it offers students. Also because some of the professors it has has that work with the students the best they can so that the student can get and understanding of the subject. The different areas the college offers for help and/or tutoring is also something I have found very helpful to all students.


My reasoning for choosing Collin County was their paralegal program as well as the tuition. When i researched the possibilities, Collin County was the only one to offer a paralegal certificate as well as the AA in legal studies. Along with their program, I found the cost to be the most affordable.


Collin college is a newly built schoo. Knowing that you will find out that it is really nice. I personaly love it because it is a personalized and more 1 on 1 rather than just getting preached at.


I attend most of my classes at the McKinney campus. McKinney has a motto that sums up the college as well: "Unique By Nature." The nature of Collin College makes it unique. Not only is it a community based educational venue, it is a community in and of itself. The professors and staff truly make every student feel like a part of the college community. Collin College is dedicated to providing a quality education. They are one of the first community colleges to partner with four-year institutions to offer undergraduate and graduate degrees in their Center for Higher Education.


This school is small enough to allow teachers to have a quality one on one relationship with students.


Its is the closest campus to where I live.


At Collin College, I've found that having all of your college classes in one buildig to be quite unique. In my opinion, as a returning student, I have found it to be highly convenient. I also appreciate the paralegal program that Collin College offers. For a reasonable price, I am getting the education that I so desperately dreamed of. If the cost wasn't within my range, I may never have the ability to complete my education.


It has a very personable faculty and a warm atmosphere. There are wonderful professors who are well-qualified to teach the material, but down-to-earth as well. They make it challenging but fun for me to participate in the music program. Also, the location is perfect, because it is very convenient for me to get to each day.

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