Collin County Community College District Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anyone that wants to get their basics done and save money to go to their dream school.


Those of who are wanting to recieve core credit as well as pursuing a associates degree to transfer toward a four year college.


Those who are not certain where they finally want to end up, or those who want to accomplish some of the classes that are required for their major at a cheaper price.


Any person can apply this school because Collin County has something for everyone. The school is a place that allows all people to learn and further their education without added fluff that isn't needed.


There two types of personalities; Type "A" and Type "B", however there is no discrepancy between the two when education is sought after. Everyone with or with the financial capability should attend, not just this school, but any school that provides the personal and professional growth we young people strive for; school is for everybody, not just somebody.


A student that is dedicated, hard working, looking for more student teacher interaction as a result of smaller class sizes, and looking to save some money before attending a larger university should attend this school.


Collin College is especially helpful for students who plan on transferring to another Texas university but need to save some money. Students are able to take pre-requisite classes that are equivalent with the class at their desired university at a much cheaper cost. Collin College has partnerships with several Texas universities that make it easier for a student to transfer.


A person with limited finances would find Collin very affordable. They offer a wide variety of classes at a fantastic value. There are also a wide variety clubs and organizations for students to participate in. It really is a college experience at an affordable tuition.


I think a person should attend a community college to acquire an Associates degree and to take the two years to figure out which direction they should take in life and school.


Specifically if you are going for culinary it is a very good school with a good culinary arts program.


Anyone who is serious about their education should attend this school. The courses are challenging, but the professors are always willing to help and if you apply yourself everything will turn out fine. As far as age goes, there is no age limit. I have many classes where there are parents and grandparents attending.

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