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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back and talk to my senior self I would probably have to yell at her rather than just talk to her. I would advise her to focus more on books rather than boys. I got pregnant in high school and did not have the opportunity to go to college the traditional way. Here I am 20 years later trying to juggle college, work , and a family all at the same time. This has been extremely difficult but rewarding. It is taking me twice as long as it would have had I been more focused when I was in high school. I think my senior self would probably roll her eyes at me because let's face it, all kids think they know everything.


I would make sure i know the importance of really deciding and keeping an open mind to what i would want to major in. i would really make it clear to myself on how important it would be to develop the test taking and studying skills that are often over looked in high school that are needed to really be successful in college. Coming into college without them, makes adjusting to the colllege work ethnic and lifestyle very hard for people like me. Lastly, i would recommend learning how to establish priorities in my academic career. Making school my top prioriety then work and a social life, that is the order to have a successful time in college for myself and they are things i wish i would have known and understood before taking the step from senior to freshman. these things would have helped me start off on the right foot towards success


If I could go back and talk to myself from high school I would tell myself to start getting into better study habits now rather than trying to devlop them later on. I would also tell myself to not be so worried about starting college because while it is very different from high school it's not a bad or scary thing it's actually way better than high school. It's a place full of amazing people and professors and you learn so much so quickly and it's wonderful and you have no reason to be scared and to make sure to enjoy your time instead of worrying so much about your future. I'm sure as I attend college more than just ine semester I would be able to add so many things to what I'd say to my high school self but right now those are the most important things I can think of.


"Hey Addie, what's up?" "Woah, are you me?" "Yeah, from the future. I'm supposed to give you advice on college." "We're in college?" "Didn't think we'd make it huh?" "Honestly, after we went to the hospital I didn't think we'd graduate high school." "Yeah, well we made it through that, albeit after a few weeks of goofing off and one tattoo later. Anyways about that advice..." "Where'd we get into?" "Community College, we took a break after the hospital thing. We needed it." "Are you kidding me? That's so embarassing. God I feel like such a loser." "That's the first thing you need to stop doing. Stop beating yourself up. That's what got us in the hospital in the first place, remember? College can be difficult, but it's much easier if you take care of yourself mentally. There are lots of people who care, and colleges even have resources for students struggling with depression. Take advantage of that. A positive mind is the first step in setting yourself up for success, and in college people understand that." "I guess that makes sense." "Anything else?" "Did the tattoo hurt?"


Dear High School Self as a Senior, Work your butt off. I know senior year will be somewhat uneventful due to completing most of your schooling already, but invest in what you want for the future. Take a look at some more foreign languages, you will thank yourself. Also, study math more. You will need it to complete your degree and do not let anyone tell you that you are stupid because you have trouble understanding it. You are a smart, strong young adult. And you have the whole world waiting for you once you start college. You will take off a semester before you start. That was probably the best thing you could have done. And take a job and work during that period. It will foster your fire to learn, showing you that you do not just want to be stuck filing papers all day. Be something, help people, and take time for yourself: these are some of the most important things you can do when you transition. Sincerely, Catherine (Age 21, Sophomore)


Granted that I was in such a huge high school with a class of 1300 people and so much competition, I would have not tried as hard as I did in high school if I would have known I was going to end up in Collin College for two years afterwards anyway. I could've had more fun in high school and not wasted my time busting my butt to be in the top 35% which most schools don't give scholarships for. I also would have taken more duel credit courses in high school so I wouldn't have to take them in college later.


I would say to dream bigger at an earlier age. Start planning college earlier and not setting for just anything that is thrown at me.


If I could go back in time to when I was a senior I would tell my self to work harder that college is not the easiest thing in the world. I would not only push my self on grades but I would also push my self to join more groups and clubs to interact more with others. Although I say I would push my self to work hard but I would also tell myself to have fun because as soon as you step into your first classroom its like your proffesers never want you to have fun. Also another very important thing that has really hit me since I started college is that when my sister told me that she wished she could go back to high school she was'nt kidding. I would die if I could go back in time and slap my self everytime I said "I can't wait to graduate". Although going to a communtiy college may be diffrent then a university their has still been a change where I wish I could go back to being a high school senior and freeze time.


Collin is where you need to be going you are going to make some of the best friends you have ever had. You are saving money but still getting a quality education and you will get automatic admissions to some univesities after you have so many credit hours. Collin is the place that you need to go.


Back in highschool make the years count and don't slack on grades, submit things early and try harder then everyone else. The year will go by fast even though grades are very important stop and enjoy everyone and everything. Now as I watch people go off to college I realize that more then half of my class I will never see again and it makes you sad. Everyone goes on there own paths and you wonder if you will ever run into there path again. It gets heart wreching when your bestfriend of 10 years leaves you, not behind but lets you go on your own. The best advice that I can truly give you is work hard but play even harder.


Dear Barbara, I am so proud of you for graduating high school and all the hard work you put into passing your classes. I want to let you know that you are smart enough to go to university however continuing your education at a local community college is a smart understandable decision. One thing you shouldn’t be ashamed of is your good grades. You studied so hard for them and deserve them, forget about others using you for your academic achievements, you’ll make real friends in college. Speaking of college here is a little advice; first do your research before registering for classes. You’ll want to take a look at and also ask around campus for opinions on certain professors; it will help in avoiding disorganized and poor quality instructors. Next you should spend some time looking for used or rentable books online and at bookstores, use the campus bookstore as a last resort. When faced with a challenge ask for help from your professors. Your professors are there to help you all you have to do is speak up, don’t be afraid. Good luck! Sincerely, You - a 2014 Collin College Graduate


Looking back at my senior year in high school there are many things I wish I could have done differently. My advice that I would give myself would be to have applied for every scholarship possible. Coming from a mid-classed family it was very difficult to find anything to apply for because my parents income was considered "too much". I was turned down by all federal grants which in result discouraged me from even trying to apply for scholarships. I wish I would have had more faith and didn't give up so easily because even if I would have recieved 1 scholarship for any amount, it would be helping me reach my educational goals with a little more ease of not having to worry about how I am going to pay for college.


My advice would be to focus more on academics and treat each class like a job. The harder you work during each class would provide higher financial gain in the future. Try to become more aware that in order to succeed you must prepare yourself. The amount of preperation academicly seperates you from the rest as in a nutshell you are in competition with others in the world.


If I could go back in time to my high school senior year, I would give my past self the advice to kick my butt into gear and work on winning scholarships because I have found it very difficult to find scholarships that apply to me and the few large renewable scholarships I have found applied to high school seniors only which I have had the unfortunate luck to miss out on. I would still encourage myself to attend a community college, at least for the first two years and take all of the transferable classes for my intended university for my major since the costs would be low and I could live at home without worrying about finding an apartment. It would give me time to adjust to college life from the comfort of my home without the stress of a new environment and new experiences. I regret not earning scholarships my senior year and I want to emphasize how much easier and stress free it would have been for me if I had just applied for them the first time.


Having been homeschooled all my life, I had no concept of what college life would be like when I enrolled at my community college. I was equivalent in age to a high school senior and I was terrified of the unknown, but somehow I found the courage to enroll despite my fear that I would fail. If I could talk to myself at that time, this is what I would say: "Don't be afraid. College is where you will find the freedom to be yourself and learn what it means to be an adult, because your classes will test your sense of responsibility just as much as they test what you know. Don't be ashamed to ask for help understanding your lessons; we all need help sometimes, and we pay forward those who help us by helping others in kind. Talk to your professors about anything and everything -- these are the people who will show you what you are capable of, and who will encourage you to be your best possible self. You can't control where you have started, but you choose your own path and your own destination now. Do not fear the untrod road."


Hey Jade, i'm coming back in time to tell you the things I know and learned, so LISTEN UP. You know your family doesn't have the background of college, make sure you have a plan. First, make sure you work hard on getting scholarships; you never know what you can win. There are so many different websites, just look hard. Second, think about loans. Some people say don't get loans, but it's all about discreation, don't over do it; responsiblity is key. Thirdly, finishing your core classes and transfering the credits are way cheaper, just make sure you know which credits you need. You don't want to waste time or money, time is of the essence. Also, make sure you know what school you are transfering to. Visits help a ton. Lastly, Make sure you gather all information on the schools you go to. (i.e. cost, dorms etc.)


I would tell myself to not worry about choosing a Major. Feel free to explore your options. You have plenty of time to decide what you want to do for the rest of your life, and even then, it’s okay to change your mind later on. I’d tell myself that if you don’t think you’ll be able to work with an instructor, then go ahead and drop the class. There are other classes that you can take, and you can always take it another time with a different instructor. Relax. Don’t get too worked up and stress out about the small stuff. Get your work done, pay attention to deadlines, and most importantly, don’t read too much. That way you get enough sleep to stay awake in class.


Advice I would give myself are to get involved in more school activities, such as clubs and sports. Also, never get to involved in relationships (Girlfriends) because it is most likely that it wont last forever and besides; school is a lot more important than relationships. I could do that later on my life. Concentrating more on my studies will pay off later when I am pursuing my career in the real world. I should never slack in anything and always study. This doesn't mean I won't have a regular life. I always have the weekend to relax with my family and friends. High GPA is very important to many schools and that is what i need to get.


I would tell myself not to stress or worry. I would say that I was extremely prepared for all of my classes due to the excellent educated provided by my High School. I would tell myself that I have great potential in my future career and that stressing over things you cannot change is not healthy. I would say that I have made many wonderful friends so i should not worry about all my friends leaving for other schools. Finally, I would tell myself to relax and to enjoy the ride because these times will go by extremely fast.


If I could go back in time and give myself any advice about college, the advice I would give myself would be that I should have motivated myself better in regards to mapping out exactly what my plan would be in college. that would include knowing what classes to take and when to take them, and planning out my classes so that I would be able to transfer my credits to a graduate school, where I will receive my masters degree.


Don't get so strung out about dance department auditions. This is not your path in college and there's no reason to be upset. Work hard in all of those art classes you're taking right now and take advantage of the access you have to materials. When you get to college, you have to pay your own way for the same materials sitting in the art supply closet, and they're expensive. Don't focus so much on what's to come, and try to live in the moment. Work hard on the classes you're taking now as opposed to planning what classes you'll take in the future. I know it's fun to plan ahead and make lists, but sometimes you just need to get back to reality and sort out your current priorities. Don't worry about finances or losing the house. Dad will get a job soon and everything will work out the way it's supposed to. Also, don't apply to transfer until your sophomore year. You won't have enough credits to transfer before then, so don't make yourself believe that you do.


As a non-traditional student who has returned to school after twenty-seven years, this experience has opened my intellectual eyes. I learned that there is so much more to my world than I could have ever dreamed. My history classes taught me of our countries early years while at the same time my government classes showed me our Nations trend for the future. My art class exposed me to the art and artist of the past and present and taught me how to appreciate every piece with my interpretive eye. These experiences cannot be achieved anywhere else in the world except in college, at an institution that is based upon the exact words of higher education. Each and every book that I have read has opened a whole new exciting world to me. Even though I’m a student, I’m also a mother. As my children were growing up I always told them they could be anything they wanted to be, they just had to want it bad enough. I decided to take my own advice and follow my dreams of becoming an archaeologist. Going to college has literally changed the course of my life forever!


My college experiences have given me opportunities to not only prove to myself what I have or should have achieved during my youth, but also shown me how much the young take education for granted. It has deepened my resolve to strive for perfection and lead by example. The experiences have been a gift. A gift much like an opportunity to look through a window and see things and learn things from a different vantage point that the youth have not begun to master. I have a unique position to not only learn from my professors but also help to teach the fresh faces that have only begun to see the world the way it truly is. There is a special place in my heart for the professors that give unselfishly of themselves to teach. I cannot bring myself to merely coast through the curriculum, but push myself to a higher standard. It is difficult to lead a family and pursue an education that is twenty years behind course. But the effort is invaluable to me and the ones that I pass it down to. My learning experiences are the measure of the soul to deepen the breadth of discovery.


The advice I would give myself would have been to go out of my box and do more activities with people I didn't know. I would have loved to be more social and do activities with more students; I unfortunatley did not get the chance to meet. I would also have been more focused and worked harder than I did.


If I could back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition, I would actually chose not to give myself any advice. I feel as though that I was greatly prepared for the new life I started when I began college and my transition was extremely smooth. Also, the mistakes that I've made so far in my new life have only shaped me and taught me lessons. Without those mistakes, I may have never learned those lessons and I would be missing out on new knowledge.


Looking back now if I was able to give myself advice in high school it would be to be more driven and go out there and find a way to go away to college. In high school I always assumed that I would just go to college somehow but because of financial reason I had to stay and go to community college. Myself in high school needed to be more assertive and not rely on my family to send me to college but find away myself. I should have done all that my senior year of high school but since I did not I am going to take my advice now and find a way to go away and have a true college experience.


If I had the ability to go back in time in order to coach myself about what is to come, I would definitely advise myself to not to take this special time I will only have once in my lifetime for granted. I have always worked for what I have and unfortunately I have never been able to fully experience my teenage years and I really regret that. I would tell myself to enjoy the time you have with your friends and to appreciate your educators more, because with their consistent effort, you are continuing your education to be the successful young person they set out to accomplish.


I would tell myself to take a math class my senior year. I would also tell myself not to be afraid of college because at least community college seems to be an extension of high school. College is not scary.


I would probably tell myself what major I should go for in the beginning of Freshman college so I would not have to had change it so much. I also would have told myself that it's important to pay attention to when homework is due. In high-school teachers would always remind the class the day before something was due, but I've barely ever had a college preofessor that has. Your expected to be much more on top of things and forgetting just isn't an acceptable excuse (even though it's a big transition from High-school to College and you're not used to your environment, your profesors or your work load). I believe that knowing I was going to have to structure my own study time around life, and remember when exactly everything was due would have been very helpful. I probably would have been able to stay more on top of things and would have been able to get better grades.


To take thing a little more serious and get involved in more extra curricular activities.


I have often repeated that phrase to myself over the last 20 years but not nearly as much as I have over the last 6 months. As an 18 year old, I had my whole life ahead of me. Unfortunately, circumstances occured, my parents died. I allowed thweir deaths to prevent me from completing my education. I wasn't smart enought then. I thought I had it all worked out. I was wrong! Now, that I am 45 years old. Now that I am a college student again, it's actually very simple. What I would tell myself, 27 years ago is, stay in school, no matter what! Don't let anything get in your way of the education you often dreamed about! Don't think you know it all! Do whatever it takes to finish! In the end, it makes it all worthwhile!


If I could go back to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself how great starting off at a community class could be. It is very helpful to ease my way into college instead of jumping straight into a university far from home. I am glad that I decided to ease into college because now I am not worrying about living alone, doing laundry, and everything alone with leaving home on top of the work that goes along with college. I would lastly tell myself to not waste my time taking all those SAT tests since I did not need it to get into community college or when I planned on transferring.


This is a tough question to answer in only 200 words. Only a year ago, I was a senior sleeping until 10 A.M. every day and breezing along through my classes with seemingly nothing to worry about. I let my GPA slip to a 3.1, the lowest in my life and procrastinated often. Knowing what I know now, I would tell myself that college will not be this easy. You have to work extremely hard and put everything you have into every assignment. Also, I would tell myself that college should not be about the partying. Some of the schools I selected were based on their rankings on "Maxim's List of Party Schools." College is not a time to party. College is a time to expand your knowledge, and become more mature while doing so. A year ago I was clueless. I never knew what college would bring.


I would tell myself to make sure and study throughout your entire college career instead of partying and slacking off the first few weeks. I would also advise myself to go to a junior college for a year, and then transfer into a university in order to cut down on freshman year tuition and fees. These two pieces of advice are things I wish I could now do, because if I had before I could still be at John Brown University instead of Collin County Community College where I might not get as good of an education as I could somewhere else.


If I were a high school senior and could do it all over again, I would definitely make some changes to the choices I made as far as attending college. I started out at Tyler Junior College my first semester, and due to the fact that I didn't put enough of my time and energy into researching this school and what was important to me, I ended up hating it and moved back home to go to community college. One of the most important things you can do is to make a list of things you are looking for in a college, because if you are going to put so much work into getting there and basically spend your life savings there, you mind as well enjoy it. Things you may be looking for would include a certain type of sport, a public vs. private school, small or large. Another thing is apply for scholarships like crazy! Also, don't be afraid to ask questions. To my gained knowledge over the past semester, the more people you may annoy, the more questions you get answered. Most importantly though, DON'T settle!! Find the college that fits you the best!


The advice that I would give myself is to work my hardest with everything that I do. In the past I never really worked up to my potential because nearly everything came easily to me. I was satisfied and quit working if whatever I did led me to achieve a passing grade. However now that I'm in college, I realize that it's not just about grades and passing, but to work my best to show myself how amazing "my best" can really be and that I'm capable of achieving more than what I thought I could do. It's a great step in growing up and learning more about yourself. If I could go to the past, I would tell myself to not stop working just because it's simple and efficient, but to work harder to make it complex and wonderful.


If I was given the opportunity to go back in time and give myself advice as a high school senior, I would start by telling myself to get involved in more senior activities. Although, I have some great senior memories there were a few activities that I chose to skip out on, that looking back, I wish I had taken the time to be apart of. Secondly, I would advise myself to stay strong in school through the very end of my senior year. I made good grades but I admit that I did slack off towards the end simply because I was so ready to be done. Finally, I would tell myself to be more open to meeting new people my first semester of college. I am a very outgoing person but the first part of my first semester I didn't take the time to get to know my classmates as well as I should have. College is very different from high school, and so far has been a complete blast!


High school graduation was a monumental moment for me. However, it took growing up and many, many years later for me to fully appreciate the fact that I had graduated from high school. I didn?t do very well in school back then and it was only by a couple of points that I managed to acquire a diploma. I now have a thirteen year old daughter who is about to go into high school. She has struggled in the past. I have made it my goal to make it her goal that she will be involved and practice good study habits. Unfortunately, regret is what comes to mind when I reminisce back to those years and remember how uninvolved I was. If I could go back and give myself advice I would tell myself that I needed to work harder and to take the time to study more. I would tell myself to get involved with school projects, sports, clubs etc. I would let myself know that I can do it and to have more confidence in myself. My daughter definitely has an advantage and that is parents who will always support her.


Don't wait. There are many things that can be put off in life. College should not be on that list. Time goes by so quickly before you realize it you have settled into a career that has very few options for advancement. It is much more difficult to switch gears later in life and once you have settled into life. Regret is a weight not easily left behind. Everytime I look at the past few years I wish I would have done things so dramatically different. I feel like I wasted years of my life. Use your time wisely always looking to the future because before you know it, it has become the past.


If i were to go back in time i would tell myself that college is an investment and you shouldn't just throw your money out their and not put any effort into what you have invested towards. Studing is a major part of college and should be done constantly and you shouldn't just try to flow through school.


If I could talk to myself at 18 and tell myself what I know now, I would say, "pace yourself". I would tell myself that college is not as scary as you think, you just have to pay attention to detail. If I could go back, I would study harder my first semester because you can't just float along like you do in high school. And I would tell myself not to lose heart when I failed Beginning Algebra. But more importantly I would encourage my 18 year old self. College is about pulling all nighters, living on dreams and making friends with all kinds of interesting people. What I didn't know as a senior in high school is that delayed gratification is the best there is. When you work this hard to achieve something it means more than all the riches of the world, because you did it with your own two hands. The one piece of advice I would give myself is simply, never stop fighting. Sometimes its tough to not give up on certain classes, but if you keep at it you'll get there. College is a test of endurance, so hang in there.


I would have to go and tell myself "Self, you can get excited but understand college is still life. You dont get to escape just cause you got away. Stay true to your values and make sure you keep your feet on the ground while your heads in the clouds."


This is a great question. I would tell myself to get off my lazy butt and start applying for scholarships and schools!! I was a very good student in highschool. I was blessed with all the good qualifications and was very involved in school and my community; i was the Senior Class President, a member of the National Honor Society, I won a few State awards for Music and Art, but I had "senioritus". I could have gone to any four year University in Texas and I blew it. I'm struggling now on my own to pay for school with the little money I make working at a Child Care Facility and going to school full time. I would tell myself that "now is not the time to relax, your future is very important...You can do it!!!" I would encourage and motivate me to do whatever I could to go to the college of my dreams! I had the chance and now I'm paying for it. However, going to a two year community college has changed my life and has prepared me for a four year university. I have to take this blessing and accept it.


I would tell myself how important the future is, and that there is more to life than just high school. I would map out a plan to get my education taken care of right after high school instead of waiting. I would want to tell myself to have more fun, and that while I needed to be mindful of the road ahead, I needed to enjoy the present. I would want to convey the message of how truly carefree I should be feeling, instead of a feeling of indifference about everything, especially regarding my education.


I would tell my self to pay attention, listen to what your teachers, advisors and parents have to say. I would also stress the importance of going to college and completeing your degree requirements, because that degree will get your foot in the door to most jobs. I would also stress the importance of credit, work ethic and your family. Credit is hard to come by after you have made mistakes. Work ethic is important because if you work hard you will be succesful, and your family is important because they will be you support.


My senior year was my biggest regret. I was a National Honor Society student who was in denial. I did not want to be considered smart or intellectual. I wanted to blend in and be a part of the "it" crowd. While many students with my GPA were gladly submitting college applications and hoping for the best schools, I was hoping that I would be invited to the coolest Prom after-party. If I could go back in time I would tell myself to wake up. I had set myself on a course for a belated education. I was so set on "living life" I went to college for two weeks and then withdrew to "take a year off." That year turned into twelve. At the age of thirty, I returned to college and I have been working to get my education at a stage in life where there are more hurdles. If I could, I would tell myself to be proud of my abilities and educational accomplishments. The one thing in life that can never be taken away is knowledge. Education is the door to every opportunity you can dream. If you put off your education, life takes over.


I would tell my self to prepare more. In my senior year, I had what many refered to as "senioritis". I was just eager to get out of high school and go tackle the college life. I had seen college as just a great big party with a couple of classes here and there, but of course this happened only in movies. I thought I had it all figured out , but I did not. After two years in college, I see that it is not a walk in the park and the transition is not easy at all. I never anticipated the long nights studying or the coTuntless amounts of research papers that had to be done. If I could go back in time, I would tell myself to get serious and prepare prepare prepare!!. I would advise myself to get off facebook and face your books. My college experience hasnt been perfect and I have no one to blame but myself. It is only through the grace of God that I continue moving on.


Work hard and learn to study and manage your time wisely. College is a rewarding experience for those who are mature enough to handle its respnsibilities.


Amanda, Stop. Stop. Stop. I know what you are doing, I've been in those Converse sneakers and skinny jeans. I know how important shopping is to you now but trust me, it is not important than your upcoming AP English exam. If you don't do well tomorrow, you'll have to take beginner's English your first semester in college instead of getting another class complete. And I know, dual credit classes are hard. No one wants to get up at 7 AM but it will pay off. A year after graduation you will be transferring to a four year college as a junior. See, those AP and dual credit classes really do pay off! And trust me, it wasn't the clothes that did it. Don't allow yourself to be beaten down when your friends go off to big colleges while you take community college classes. You are going to succeed as long as you believe in yourself and I hope in knowing that you'll stop spending so much time taking your anger out on your credit card and more time with your face in a book. Best of luck! Your biggest fan, Amanda


I would inform myself on how to finance my education. I would advise myself to apply for scholarships or grants. I would recommend to myself not to take any student loans. Student loans are expensive with no guarantee a job will pay a higher salary to compensate for the cost of the loan. In addition, I would tell the younger version of myself to attend a two year community college instead of a technical school. Community colleges provide the recipient with a lower-priced accredited degree. In contrast, technical schools provide the recipient with costly and non-accredited degree.

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