Collin County Community College District Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had a better understanding in high school of how AP classes worked so that I could have taken those only in high school instead of in both high school and college. I also wish I would have had a better understanding of options for getting textbooks at a better price but still good quality.


I wish I'd known how to teach myself more. Some professors are always available for tutoring, some are never available. Some professors clearly outline their expectations and what you need to learn, others are vague. Some professors are lenient, others are very strict. Interestingly enough the ones that fall into at least one of the latter categories fall into the latter categories of the rest. It can be difficult but if you look for teachers that are more available then you can at least get enought of an idea of the course to pass.


Collin has'nt really been at the top of my list meaning I would love to transfer to a University, so there really is'nt anything in specific that I havent really known about this College, it has been a come as I go experience.


Dont come into the school thinking that you will be in and out. Take the time to make friends from the start by talking to people. Talking to people and joining clubs helps you to make friends and make your college experice more than just class and studying.


I wish I would have known more about the degree plan I am on. They did not tell me information in detail which is very frustrating.


I was homeschooled growing up and thus terrified of college when I enrolled. I only wish I had known that it would be the best experience I would ever have, that I would meet amazing people who would help me find my voice and my calling in life, and that I didn't need to be afraid of it.


I wish I would have known that I could handle more hours in my first semester. Only taking twelve hours in my first semester made getting the thirty hours needed for transferring schools extremely difficult.


Because of human nature, we always wish to go back and change things in our past and do it all over again and do it better because now we know better! I definitely wish I had known some things before the first day of college. For instance I wish I had my AP scores transferred as soon as I joined college, but instead I waited and ended up doing it after the deadline for adding classes therefore I have to wait till next semester to take English 2.


I wish I had known how small the classes were because it is something that was important to me in a school. I also wish I had known how helpful the counselors could be so I could have gone more often before school started.


I wish in high school that I would have seen the importance of following my public education with a college education. I wish I would have known how easy it is to acclimate to a community college and to not be intimidated by the thought of college as the unknown. I wish I would have seen my highschool educators, not as the enemy, but as an ally. I wish I would have forseen that most professors are also on my side, and not to be feared.


How important deciding what major you want to procure and declaring that major. You need to have a plan, and stick to your plan. Be organized and stay on track, the further you get behind the harder it is to complete.


I wish I would have known how fun it was. I was against the idea of going to a community college at first but after sometime I realized it was the best decision I had made. Not only did I pick a great school but also I had caring teachers who made learning exciting and Fun.


Before I came to this school, I wish I would have known that it had a bookstore on campus. I feel like I've waisted money at off campus bookstores.


I wish I had known that studying is such a big part of college. I never really had to study much in high school and I thought college would be the same, but I was wrong.


Knowing more about the services provided would have been helpful. There are many useful services available if you know where to look. I am starting my fourth semester and still finding out about new services. In addition to the advising, there is counseling, career services, tutoring and writing centers, and even dental cleanings. There are so many opportunities available. I wish I would have known about them sooner.


That, even though it seemed very intimidating, college courses and the entire experience of college life is not as daunting or frightening as it appears. Even though Collin County has three campuses, the atmosphere on each campus is very relaxing, and the professors and other staff help make the transition easy.


Nine years ago I wish I would have known to not give up and to continue my education no matter what or how long it took. I gave up after a short while because I was unable to afford school on my own behalf. As well, I wish I had been informed about possible grants and scholarships like this one. Lastly, I wish I had known that there were great two year degree programs with affordable community school options.


College is very similar to high school when it comes to the classroom environment, but that is where the similarities end. The feeling of independence and the ability to do whatever, whenever is soon replaced by the urge to grow up and start making a place for yourself in the world. If I went back to my high school self I would tell myself not to be so lazy, and get stuff done. I was always able to make A's without studying, but I believe if I studied I could have had a 4.0.


I wish I knew how strict they were about meeting the payment deadlones, also I attend night classes and the space is very limited.


i honestly wish i had taken dual credit classes in high school like others did, because not only did it put them ahead, they seem to have a better grasp on what they were learning due to the individual one on one help you get in high school compared to college.

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