Collin County Community College District Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Most of the professors were extremely passionate about the subject being taught. This school was a community college so the financial aspect was a huge reason for attending this school.


Most of the professors at Collin were very helpful and highly encouraged everyone to visit their offices if any problems occurred with homework or lectures. They also encouraged us to seek outside help if they were not available such as tutoring services, writing centers, and math labs. The helpful and caring staff and faculty at Collin was the best because they were always there when needed and were always glad to help.


If I had to limit the all of the great thing about Collin County Community College down to just one thing, I would say that the best thing is that it is reasonably affordable. In today’s world paying for an education can be harder than the work required for the education itself, and when you have to pay for your education by yourself, like I do, price is a huge issue. Attending this school I can still receive a great education and earn credit that I can later transfer to a different school to pursue my major.


I like that it is close to home and offers all of the classes that I need at an affordable price.


This is a place where all people who are not one hundred precent with their options of the future are able to figure that out. The school has wonderful professors and a wide variety of classes that help people find their path for the future.


I think the best thing about my school, is that you do not have to be afraid to speak your mind and possibly be ridiculed for it.


Collin is a good school because they have a great selection of classes and professors at a much lower tuition rate than most universities.


From what I have heard, it is one of the top three community colleges in the U.S. It also has excellent transfer programs with at least 6 different major Universities. It is inexpensive and you still get a 4-year school education.


My school it?s a small school, so you as a student are still important to your professors, having them help you personaly with anything you need. II believe it is important to have a good relationship with the teachers and to be heard and helped by them. Another good thing about my school is that it?s not that easy to get distracted with the crazy, party world outside. And last it is a farly unexpensive school.


My school is equipped with an excellent faculty and staff that provide a personable atmosphere and a comfortable, fun, learning environment. I love the fact that I can go to class each day and expect my professors to challenge me and push me to learn exactly what I need to be successful in my degree plan. I have already grown so much and learned more than I thought I was capable of in the field I have chosen. I feel confident that I will be able to succeed in my career because of the excellent staff at my school.


Collin College is a great community college that goes at the same pace as universities. This makes it a much smoother transition for transfer students, and a good education for those that only want to go for two years. They have most of the tools bigger universities have at a fraction of the cost, which makes Collin College the best deal around. All of those things pared with an intelligent and inviting team of professors makes Collin County Community College a perfect setting to recieve an education.

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