Colorado College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


intelligence, difficult classes, fast-paced coursework


Best known for the Block Plan.


Colorado College is best known for its block plan, during which students have a very unique, hands on, learning experience by taking one class at a time. Students care a lot about their academics and work very hard during the week, but definitely wind down and have fun on the weekends. It is also known for its location, looking right at Pikes Peak. The majotiry of Colorado College students are very active and enjoy adventure and the outdoors. On the whole, they are also extremely friendly.


the block plan, study abroad opportunities, small classes, location


The Block Plan.


Geologists, Hippy Hipsters, white kids, trustafarians, adventurous, up for anything, willing and able to do a lot in a short amount of time, love life, love to dance, BLOCK PLAN, excellent academics with adventurous overtones.


My school is best known for being one of three undergraduate institutions in the country that operates on the block plan (we take one class ar a time for 3 1/2 weeks each - 4 a semester, 8 a year).