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The classes are small and there is an intense focus on one subject at a time.


Besides the Block Plan and being far away from home, the social climate here is undescriable. It is always active. There is always something to do...may it be exploring mother nature or attending a lecture on mao and freudian thought . The options here are endless. The student body on paper as far as race and gender may not seem diverse, but when it comes to intelligence, beliefs, and doctrines CC is by far the most diverse place I've ever experienced.


We have the block plan where we take one class at a time for three and a half weeks. This is called a block. There are eight blocks per school year, and in between each block we have block breaks, in which students take advantage of the beautiful location and go skiing, hiking, camping, and other various outdoor activities.


The block plan. The number of students- its a very small school. The lack of diversity amongst students and faculty.


Colorado College is known for its small class size, unique block plan (one class at a time for 3 ? weeks), and the electric feeling of its liberal community. Since the majority of the student body enjoys various outdoor activities, we are conscious about our impact on the environment and are always trying to decrease our carbon footprint. The scenery around campus is beautiful ? watching the sun set behind Pikes Peak is gorgeous as well as walking around the rock formations at Garden of the Gods.


block plan


It is probably important for incoming students to know that there is a prevalent drug scene on the C.C. campus. If you don't do drugs, you will probably know people who do. The most prevalent drug on campus is marijuana followed by hallucinogenics, cocaine is present as well. And while it is likely that you will be exposed to drugs, as long as you are comfortable being in the presence of drugs, there is relatively low peer pressure to do them.


I love CC as you can probably tell from my answers. It has its fair share of problems just like any university, but I couldn't imagine having gone anywhere else.


going to cc is one of the best choices i've ever made. i learned a ton, met incredible people and we had/have a fantastic time together.


CC is such a tight community that you will always see at least two people you know when walking to and from class or anywhere else on campus


CC is awesome. Go there. :-D


CC is so much fun. Everyone is happy, welcoming, and always willing to have a great time.


CC, I will never forgive you.


Colorado College isn't for everyone. It takes a certain type of person to enjoy the block plan and the work hard-play hard attitude that prevails here. For those who fit with it, however, there's no better place to be.


I hate colorado springs, but CC has been a perfect match for me. People work a lot harder and show a lot more responsibility than I would expect at college, but theres a crowd for everyone. Everyone gets out of class at noon, meaning that there is a huge amount of free time spent just hanging out.


CC's great. It has its issues and lots of people don't like Dicky C (our president), but I'm proud to go to school here. Sometimes you get kids that wanted to go to Stanford but didn't get in so they are here as a second choice, but it's a great school. Colorado is a beautiful place to be and I would recommend anyone go to school here. I love going to a small school because I probably 80{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of my graduating class by name. That's special and the small class sizes truly help you engage the topic. I missed class last week and my professor e-mailed me making sure I was ok. That's not going to happen at a big school. It's a unique school with unique students.


This is a good place to connect with professors you really like and forget about ones who didn't mean as much to you. It's a small place and people are close but you don't see a variety of people every day.


Think about what you will want to major in and how that might work on the block plan. Geology works great. Projects that require long term follow through are hard since a block ends after three and a half weeks. Languages are hard, for example. They are trying to make the College a 4 year residential college, so you have to live on campus all 4 years. That would suck. Now you can live off Campus senior year. Residential Life here is poor, they are very uptight and finicky about stupid details and love fining people. Plus, living on campus is way more expensive and it just keeps people from growing up. Res Life claims that it's for the pedagogical experience of living in a dorm, but trying to rent a house off campus is a much better learning experience in my opinion.




Honestly there are a lot of things I don't like about CC and I've mentioned most of them above but it really is a great school and I couldn't have picked a better place to spend my 4 years.


Professors are paid piss-poorly and many of them resolutely refuse to retire or be coaxed to other, high-paying, high-profile institutions - there's something about this place that makes you never want to leave.


I haven't yet, but a lot of kids take advantage of the block breaks to go on skiing trips. What I did do with some friends was go camping on the sand dunes, which was a LOT of fun. The block breaks give students leeway to do basically whatever they want for those four days, which is pretty great!


There's always something going on at this college but it's hard to go to all of the events, or even a fraction of them, because the block plan definitely keeps you busy!


All in all, I'm greatly enjoying the experience, but the academic work can be very stressful. With the block plan, you either need to be a very quick learner/worker, or have a great work ethic. Science on the block plan does not work well (for me anyway), because there is just too much information in too short a time.


CC is fabulous.


Oh, CC. It'll grow on you.


dont play for the softball coach. Tina Johnson


Not everyone is fit out for the block plan. You can't afford to skip class, take a day or two "off." It's non-stop for 3 weeks but block breaks are fantastic!


CC has its perks and its downfalls. If you are a intelligent, passionate person with a great sense of style, this is where you want to be.


I'd say the worst thing about the school is the students, many of which seem to want to drink and party more than actually learn anything. It's hard for those of us who actually want to take advantage of the marvelous academics CC has to offer.


No... Just please notify me if you use something I have written


A school with ups and downs, like anywhere else. There are some really smart, talented, and well-rounded people here. There are also some oblivious, sheltered, and self-centered people here. The physical setting is stunning, the town itself is somewhat lacking. Check it out and see for yourself. The block plan is fantastic for some and hated by others.


lots of weed, but little to no hard drugs. great teachers and other people who work here... i would recommend this college most definitely.


One of the most important things to note about CC, and that I am personally impressed with, is that change happens from the bottom up. It starts with committed students who put the time and effort in to make a change at this school. Block breaks are awesome. There is an exodus every three and a half weeks, and the majority of the campus goes out on adventures. Probably the biggest surprise for me was the realization that, although C. Springs is surrounded by beautiful wilderness and endless opportunities for adventure, CC is still very much within the city; to get to the mountains requires a car or other form of transportation.


This took forever. To clarify: The ORC is the outdoor recreation club, EnACT is the environmentalist group, Livesounds hosts music events like lamapalooza. While weed is a highly used and enjoyed substance within the CC community, it is very easy to find people who do not blaze and to therefor avoid it.


CC is generally a school of free-love hippies, but there is a loud population of stereotypical college students, especially jocks. Furthermore, CC is largely a closed-door school. The Block Plan makes it difficult to define a certain group of friends outside of teams or specific activities, so it's hard to break out of the group you met the first few weeks freshman year. You may meet someone cool one block, but never see them again after the final. Because of this and the size of the school, people tend to get a bit cliquey. There honestly isn't much to do if you're not very much involved in an extracurricular or love skiing, backpacking, rock climbing or anything of the ilk. Lastly, there has been increasing racial tensions on campus. CC has been pretty much always a very white school and increasing diversity has led to some unsettling backlash. Though this is not present at all with the majority of students, it has occurred on occasion.