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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Dan "The Danimal" Dalton dry tools at the Colorado College gym.


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This is Le Chat Lunatique performing "If You Don't Know!" By Muni Kulasinghe at the Colorado College in Colorado Springs


Eric Nesse performs Paul Simon's Slip Sliding Away with Room 46 at Colorado College


Westwater Canyon, Gunnison Gorge, Gore Canyon, + more...


Many students enjoy the Colorado outdoors by hiking, biking, climbing, skiing etc. In the dorms, students seem to congregate in certain rooms. Most students remain friends with the students who were in the same dorm hall freshman year. When it's nice weather students can be seen all over campus slacklining, playing instruments, starting games of volleyball, basketball, or soccer, or even studying. Intramural sports are huge at CC. Fraternities and sororities are there for those who want to join but they are not necessary to enjoy a social life at CC. There are always parties on the weekends and sometimes during the week, though you can always find a place to party if you want to. There are traditional parties such as Hollywood, beach party, psychadelic bowling, and harley party put on by fraternities. There are also parties put on by CC such as llamapalooza, where a band is on campus; blues and shoes, again involving a band and good food; the annual dance where students are bussed to an undisclosed location so that they don't drive after drinking. CC almost always provides kegs for their events, and they are very strict about checking ID's.


One of the best things about Colorado College is whatever you are interested in, you can find at least a dozen other people who are interested in the same thing. There are many different clubs and groups and if you want one that they don't have, propose it to the college and chances are they will sponsor it, and fund it. I knew people who wanted to start a "random choreography" club where they would choreograph dances to be performed at random times and places around campus. My friends and I started a Senior Repel Club where essentially we tried to break onto the roofs of every building on campus and repel off of them. The social scene at Colorado College is intimately tied to substance use. It is not uncommon for "Straight Edge" kids to have some trouble in the social scene at first but if you are ok being around substances frequently, there is not a lot of peer pressure to do them compared to other colleges. The party scene at C.C. is unique because almost all of the parties thrown by C.C. students have a theme that almost everyone dresses up for.


Parties are generally open to everyone and you never pay for beer. Everything considered off-campus (where parties happen) is just accross the street from the dorms. Everyone walks everywhere or takes the free SafeRide service if its late or really cold. Expect drinking games, crowded dance floors and a good time.


quite a few students go to the hockey games, and during the fall, a lot of students go to the soccer and football games on the weekends because the weather is great. It's not allowed for students to leave their dorm room doors open, a fire hazard or something, but they would if it were allowed. A decent number of students go to athletic events. they will usually go for a half then head somewhere else. fall sports are more popular than spring sports, and speakers are usually pretty popular and the venue gets filled up. based on the speaker determines how big the venue will be. Can't say much about the dating scene except that it is mostly people hooking up and being 'exclusive' for a couple months then they move on to someone else. I met my closest friends through the soccer team since we are together everyday, and also through a friend from home who introduced me to her closest friends. llamapalooza was great this year, and that happens every year. the best parties happen on saturday nights, friday nights there are smaller parties but big bashes are on saturdays. there is something every night of 8th block, and they are always full. off campus quite a few people go camping, rock climbing, skiing, snowboarding, they'll go to denver. it's an active group of students so they're usually doing something along those lines.


I would say that many people do leave their dorm doors open because it's a pretty trusting atmosphere. One couple I met at the airport who were from Colorado Springs commented that they often go to events at CC (speakers, music, theater, etc.) and that they felt CC was the cultural hub of Colorado Springs. The dating scene is non-existent. People hook-up or are in long-term relationships but few people actually date. I think it's because of how small the school is and it's unfortunate that it is that way. I did hear however that something like 1/5 of people actually end up marrying a fellow CC alum. CC is a fairly big party school and it is hard to find stuff to do on the weekends outside of that but the administration is trying to crack down on that as well. It is hard to find activities off campus like I said.


i think the biggest groups on campus are the outdoor recreation club and the carnivore club, but a large contingent of the student body is involved in publications, and there are a wide array of sexual awareness and safety groups that are very public and accessible on campus. for the two years i live in dorms i don't think i every locked my door and it was usually propped open, often even when my roommate and i weren't there. this is not to say that nothing ever got stolen in dorms, but we are really trusting of cc, and i think that's really important. athletic events are always fun on a sunny day, and while they're not packed, there are almost always people there. hockey games on the other hand are very popular. cc brings in some very interesting speakers and these are often very well attended. the dating scene at a small school inevitably makes for some funny and often awkward interactions, but you'll always have your friends to laugh about it with because they know exactly how you feel. some people party every night, others not at all, and still others are somewhere in between. tuesday at 2 am i'm most likely sleeping, but at cc you never really know, maybe you're climbing a mountain, driving through the desert, nose to the grindstone in the library or dancing your ass off. the same goes for weekend nights, there's always something to do and someone who wants to do it with you. the year is abundant with school-sponsered events, all of them worth checking out at least once and probably a lot more.


Intramurals at CC are a big hit. I would say about 80{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} or more of CC's population participates in some type of intramural sport/activity. People are friendly. Personally, my friends and I leave our doors open 24/7 because people are always out and about and always hanging out together. The most popular event a CC would be the hockey games. Almost everyone at CC attends at least one or two games a year. Since CC has the block plan, the mentality is study hard and party hard. Most people have exams on fridays so the weekend tends to be full of things to do and people to see. The Greek scene is there but you won't really notice it because CC is such a tight community where non-greeks party with greeks all the time. Every weekend there are events that do not involve drinking for those who prefer not to and at the same time there are events where people can drink. At times there are student bands playing, bowling nights, game nights, salsa nights, skating nights, and many many more.


The ORC (outdoor recreation club) is really popular. So are publications and IM sports. Doors are open everywhere! Everyone is really friendly and social. Guest speakers are really popular and often mandatory for class. Atheletic events are really popular even though a lot of our sports are DIII... but everyone wants to cheer for their friends! There is a lot of theme partying, especially first and eighth blocks because of the senior calendar. Definitely go all out and dress up, it's so much fun and you won't regret it. A lot of social events also revolve around block breaks, skiing, camping, etc.


I believe it is pretty fair to call CC a party school; but then again, what college isn't? Most students are involved with alcohol and drugs (although, only marijuana). However, if that's not what you're into, it is easy to find something to do on a saturday night without altering your mind.


Fraternities and sororites aren't that popular, but they could be important if you are shy and would like an instant introduction into a group of like-minded people. People usually meet other people based on living-proximity or current class. I have heard complaints (and complained myself) about "block friends," the result of not seeing people for a month (a block) because you have changed classes. Colorado SPrings has ample opportunities to do something fun on the weekend. Even outside the Springs, there are lots of fun places within short driving distance for a good hike or other experience. Our parties are awesome, and everyone is welcome to them.


Hockey players get all the love from alumni and outside support. Honestly, most students on campus don't like the hockey players at all. Most athletic teams are D3. They are supported but not very much. Intramural sports are a blast and extremely popular. Everyone gets involved, even if they have little to no athletic ability. Sports range from the usual soccer and basketball to broomball and intertube waterpolo. People study hard and party hard. Sleep is unnecessary and generally avoided. There are two main party times. First block and eighth block. There is a party nearly every night during these two blocks. The rest of the year, most of the off campus parties are held on the weekends. CC kids love themed parties. A party without a theme is unheard of. There is everything from Harley to Daft Punk, Barak out with your caucus out to Librarians and Barbarians, and from high class cocktails to anything but clothes. In general, parties are fun, but there will always be those nights when nothing is going on. WAC, our campus activities group, occasionally pulls off a fun time like RAVE this year. There are also battle of the bands and Llamapalooza for all of you music lovers. Want to go on a date? Don't go to CC. The hook up scene is outrageous at CC. "Free love" and all that jazz. Most relationships start with a hook up and go on to something more. Most dating couples don't actually go out on dates. You can go to parties and not drink and still have a good time. Most kids drink, most smoke pot, some do other drugs, but some people don't abuse any substances at all. People don't pressure each other here. I didn't drink my first semester and had no problem whatsoever having a good time and fitting in.


Popular things: Political/environmental things...also intramural sports Group I'm involved with: I work in the training room so I get to hang out with kids that are serious about a career in medicine but also work hard for the money they make. Training room kids are good people...sometimes girls want to work there to sleep with the boys teams. Nobody likes them. Doors open: No? Athletic events: not as popular as they should be. thank you dirty hippies. Skip Skip Dating: No Closest friends: it took a really long time because when I transfered here the school put me in the super stigmatized all-girls dorm...MILES from the normal kid dorms...brutal. 2 a.m on tuesday: this question was ripped from that one graduation speech that went big... i refuse to answer it because your attempt to be outside the box failed and you don't deserve an answer Traditions: lots of dumb ones Partying: every night... god damn history/classics/econ/political science majors Greek Scene: nobody cares Last weekend: Drank and dressed up in some sort of theme-related garb Saturday night: we study in the sciences off campus: work at my job


There is always something going on, on any given night. There usually aren't any more than like 2 or 3 huge parties but since the campus isn't huge that is more than enough. There are TONS of theme parties and everyone goes all out. You end up with a really great costume box by the end of senior year. Bars aren't as popular just because we don't interact with the community as much. However, there is Roudy's on Tuesday nights where they have pitchers for exactly a penny and vodka-cranberries for also a penny. It's wonderful! Other than that the lacking bar scene is actually a plus because then all the grades hang out at parties together and you can easily get to know people that are older and younger than you. Parties with just a few friends and a few people are also really common. On any given night there are lots of those going on. Many people who aren't into the huge party scene just stick to that. Also Greek life has a presence on campus, but it's not a big one. There are 2 frats and 3 sororities. Being part of Greek life really doesn't define you on campus. People that are part of Greek light and people that aren't part of Greek life completely meld together, walking accross campus you wouldn't know the difference between Greeks and non-Greeks. Lastly, since I drink I'm not sure what you an do on campus that is a totally sober event. Lots of people who don't drink still come out to parties and dance and have a great time.


Lots of binge drinking and pot. Mushrooms are popular while X and acid are gaining popularity. Some kids do coke. Finding sub free people can be hard, but they are there and are generally really cool people. Students don't really casually date, they either have long term relationships or they hook up on weekends. The school hosts a lot of parties and events, but most weekend events are at senior houses off campus. The greek scene is not substantial, but the frats have parties often enough.


Everyone goes to see the Hockey games, which are a ton of fun. Most of the other sports aren't worth going to, but the hockey team is division 1 and rocks. Students tend to socialized a lot within dorms but a bit less so between the dorms. My friends were either on the first freshman trip with me, in my hall freshman year, in my hall sophomore year, or introduced to me by other friends. There is usually a party every weekend, how good it is is debatable. There are three sororities that can't throw parties and two frats that can only throw parties when they aren't in trouble. Only one of the frats throws good parties anyways. Off campus, there isn't all that much to do if you don't have a car. People go skiing during ski season, people go hiking, people go to the movies, that's about it.


Lots of groups, some more popular than others. The Carnivore Club is probably one of the most popular, because it always offers free food, gets involved in most events on campus (whether or not they sponsor it), and strikes a nice chord of satire at a college where so many students are "hippie-types" who stick to vegetarianism and veganism. Always plenty of events going on on campus, from theater or dance performances to political/artistic/professional guest speakers to plain old parties (both with and without alcohol.) Lots of parties off-campus as well (though those sometimes get a bit out of control.) It takes until your senior year to really figure out the good spots in the Colorado Springs nightlife, but they're there to be found. Sororities and fraternities are here, but aren't emphasized.


People definitely party, but not everyone needs to. Frats not huge, but frattish culture is on the rise. Fun is becoming more preppy rather than exciting. The school is definitely getting less distinct these days.


The Greek system isn't as prominent here as it is on other campuses. This is a good thing. The FIJI's are all the douche bag lacrosse players typically. The Kappa Sigmas seem to be the average Joes, but the Sigma Chi's are mostly the rich boys. There are a lot of random hook-ups at the crazy house parties around here. All the seniors pretty much live on Uintah, San Rafael, Yampa, Weber, or Wahsatch. The party zone is fairly centralized so its easy to walk around on a Friday night and find a party to wander into. The block plan is rather strange for friendships. You will hang out with Joe or Suzy every day for a month, then you never see them. Because of this, you tend to retreat to your group of friends. The following block, I probably won't talk to Joe or Suzy once, regardless of how close we were during the last block. It's quite sad. I miss some friends that I made in old classes that I simply don't have time to hang out with because I'm busy spending everyday with the new Joe or Suzy. This causes rather insular groups to form simply because of the busy-ness of the students.


Ice hockey games are probably the most well attended sporting events we have. The games are at the World Arena, but there are buses that take students to and from the games. Greek life at CC is very different from that of other schools. It does not have your typical fraternities or sororities - each has it's own unique flavor while melding in with the relaxed mentality of Colorado College.


I always think of CC as a place where people play hard and then work hard. Stuff doesn't get stolen too often. I think a lot of people leave their rooms unlocked and are very friendly with one another. I met my closest friends through my first class, my freshman dorm, and through my major or friends I had made earlier. Late night I'm either working hard on something that's due or hanging out with my other late-night buddy, going to get diner food or something. People party a lot. We have lots and lots of music and beer events. Llamapalooza is the biggest one and it's at the end of the year. It's pretty fun.


Colorado College has a variety of activities on campus. Hockey is the big sports event, and a lot of students do come out for the games. They are a lot of fun if you like that sort of thing! Besides that, there is always something to do through out the week and on the weekend, such as, concerts, dance parties, theater shows, dance performances, midnight breakfast, frat parties, speakers, really anything you could think off. Also, if they don't have it, you can make it happen! Fraternities and Sororities are not huge on this campus, but they are there and many people enjoy being involved in them. Oh, and there are a lot of themed parties! This weekend we had Llamapalooza! It is an all day, all night concert on Saturday on the quad! You basically just chill out on the lawn all day with your friends and then party that night. Overall, I'd say CC is a work hard, party hard kind of school.


There are a lot of parties. If you like to dance and get rowdy, there is usually some party somewhere almost every night of the week. There are lots of campus events that provide free beer on weekends, so if that's something you want from College, you won't be disappointed here. I often prefer to go to bed early so I can get out and go skiing or climbing. A lot of people burn the candle at both ends by staying up late at parties and then getting up again at 6 or seven for a big day outside.


There is always something going on. I'm not much of a partier don't have time.


students often leave their doors open and/or unlocked. safety is assured, plus nobody needs to steal when they have a trust fund to live off. 2am on a Tuesday............must be at a party. one thing you can always find at CC is a house party. our seniors are all alcoholics and enjoy having half the campus drink with them. weekends are filled with kegs, ice luges, and beer. the 2 frats have parties every other week, and provide tons of booze to the campus. they also have many events outside of the weekend. last weekend i was drunk, similar to almost every other weekend here.


The outdoor recreaction committee is one of the most popular groups and many people are involved in an active social life. Many people are involved in sports or intramurals or just go out on their own biking, backpacking, etc. I also think community service can be a big thing at CC but I think it is a smaller number that does a lot of the major service. The dating scene is probably the only thing about the social scene at CC that is completely lacking. People don't date. They either hook up or are in super serious relationships. It doesn't make sense and each class comes in wanting to change it but so far it has stayed the same. I met my closest friends on my floor my freshman year in my dorm. It is a very fun-loving atmosphere at CC and while there is a lot of partying it is usually in a good spirit. Honestly if you're on campus a lot of the scene is around partying but there are also a lot of good events held by seekers and other organizations on campus. There just isn't too much to do off campus close by. And during the ski season there really aren't that many people around on the weekends cause so many people are up on the slopes.


Musical organizations are very popular. Hockey is really the only sport that is widely popular throughout the student body. Many people party quite a bit, but of those that do party, most of them still perform well academically. Greek life is not important here, and I sometimes forget that we have frats/sororities.


You can be as involved as you want to be! There is tons of opportunities!


There is too much to do at CC and it should be a 6-10 year institution rather than a 4 year institution because students have too many cool things to do before they leave. CC students are always up to something - be that mischief or civic engagement. Guest speakers and live music are all-too-well attended as are fundraising events put on by various student and community service groups. If you're not meeting people at these social events, you're meeting them in your dorm where not only are kids leaving their doors unlocked, they're dismantling the infrastructure so that they can leave their doors swinging wide open with music playing and people giggling so as to welcome you into their space. The friends you make will be friend you share stories with forever - stories so absurd that a few years later, you question whether or not you just made them up and have come to believe that they're true. Friend groups are not static, they're constantly fluctuating based on the block, your dorm, outside clubs, sports teams, greek involvement, etc. You will share a drink or 10 with people from all realms of Colorado College during your 4 years here and most likely that drink will be alcoholic - but there is absolutely a sub-free scene in full swing at all times. One requirement for social life at CC -- you must be okay with smiling at least a little bit and particularly, with sharing a grin with a stranger under the sun. Being okay with a smile on the ski slopes is a definite plus.


Intramurals are really popular on CC campus. You can almost always find a student group to get involved with, but if there isn't one you could found it yourself, which a friend of mine did this year. Socially there is always something going on, but you may not necessarily be interested in THAT, and that's OK.


There are many activities on campus. Lots of concerts and speakers make it easy to stay busy. People party a lot more than I thought they would. The dating scene is more of a hook-up scene. I go to the movies, hiking, and out for coffee off campus.


hockey games are pretty fun. carnivore club is also pretty cool. if you want to be in a group or club or something the opportunity is definitely there. a cappella groups are also fun to go see perform. most of my closest friends lived on my hall freshman year or are other athletes that i am on teams with. there are parties every weekend and every othe day in eighth block. i don't think greek life is that big of a deal but they throw some good parties. if you don't want to drink you don't have to. no one is going to make you. some of my friends don't drink but they still go out and have a great time.


People like to party just as much as they like to chill in their dorm alone or with a couple of friends. There is no pressure to party but it does help socially. It's a little dangerous to drink in Colorado Springs because of the high altitude that makes it very easy to drink too much too fast. However, students learn better just as fast as they drink.


As I said, lots of parities right near campus, and many events on campus, but not that much goes on in the city.


My closest friends are the people that lived on or near my hall my freshman year. Most people leave their doors open or unlocked allowing for a lot of socializing. It does get very distracting after a while when you realize how much reading you still have.


At CC there is always something going on. There are speakers, hikes, and of course parties. The Greek life is luckily not the dominate social scene. The majority of parties happen in off campus houses, but none of them are a far walk and if they are, students just take Safe Ride. First and eight blocks every party has a theme, giving us a chance to get dressed up. Sports teams and seniors tend to have their own parties, but they become open to anyone later in the night


There are lots of activities on campus, if you know where to look and are willing to venture outside your comfort zone. Go ahead and sign up for women's club hockey, no one's gonna laugh when you fall on your ass. Get out and try stuff. There's a lot of community service stuff, a lot of environmental awareness groups and projects, and a lot of minority student groups. Theater is kinda big, sports are kinda big. Um, HOCKEY. Parties are pretty standard. The weekend scene is pretty standard. People are very open and fun.


every one is out and about on weekends and nice days. there is always something going on


Like most schools, freshman dorms are a huge catalyst for forming friend groups; most of my closest friends lived on my wonderful freshman all-girls hall. Most informal social hangouts start with small dorm room parties and culminate with large parties occur off-campus at nearby seniors' houses, In my opinion, the off-campus parties are fun if you know quite a few people there and not fun at all if you don't. Events organized by the school can be good or bad. The school puts on some good plays for its size, and the three a cappella groups on campus are very popular and well-loved. The school isn't big enough to pull in any good bands except for once a year. CC does really well with bringing in speakers and organizing forums, though. Highlights in my three years have been Stephen D. Levitt, Jim Wallis, Salman Rushdie, and Billy Collins. I think there have been several Pulitzer winners who have visited in the last year. CC is a fairly safe and tight-knit campus. It's small, all the student body except most seniors lives on-campus, and those who do live off-campus live in the surrounding streets and neighbourhoods. The only real external safety concerns are bike theft and the occasional sketchy fellow on campus, due to the proximity of downtown.


So few students that you recognize everyone. A new face on campus is blaring. But with this comes a personal, cozy social atmosphere. The students are a lot more like family then merely fellow classmen.


CC has incredible opportunities for all walks of life. I don't know how, but CC seems to attract some of the most dynamic speakers who have done incredible things all over the world. The CC social life consists of house parties, creepy townie bars and school hosted outdoor events that are probably the greatest things ever. You've never had more fun in your life then at Llamapalooza - our outdoor music festival which is just an excuse to get drunk and high on the quad with your bff's while wearing hippy garb and dancing like and idiot.


If you are looking for a school that does not place alot of emphasis on greek life, this is your school. Yes we have fraternities and sororities, and people do participate in them, however, they in no way dictate social life in anyway. Although the Fraternities do hold some legit parties.


I certainly didn't realize how much of a party school CC is until I became a student here. At any given moment after class, there is a party going on somewhere nearby. As far a activities go, CC is full of them. There's always some event/lecture going on open to both the school and the public. It's so easy to get involved with groups. As far as dating goes, I think I know about one couple on campus. This school is THE hook-up school, and STDs are becoming more and more of a problem here.


There are various of activites;even if you do not enjoy sport; hanging out with friends and just doing some sort of fitness goes a long way. I do not party as much as some students and if I'm up at 2:00 am, I'm probably hanging out with friends in someone's apartment on a Friday night, or watching TV.


The dating scene is awful, because there aren't enough men to women and many people don't ask each other on dates. Instead, they just wait to hook up at a party. The party scene is good though, because anyone can go to any party. There are some great on-campus social events with free beer like the Drag Ball where everyone dresses up as the opposite sex and Blues and Shoes, a festival with live music and a horseshoe tournament.


Most popular groups/orgs/clubs/teams: frisbee, hockey, WAC, LiveSounds Open door policy usually at the beginning of the year but then ppl leave them closed mostly. Hockey events are pretty popular, but not huge. Guest speakers can be pretty popular depending on who they are--we had Ron Jeremy last year which was huge. I met my closest friends in class, in my dorm, in the climbing gym, and through other friends. If you're awake at 2 am on a Tuesday you are probably hanging out with friends in your dorm--you MIGHT be studying, but its unlikely. Frats and sororites are not important at all-they exist but don't play into the usually sterotypes. Last weekend, I went out to an electronic-dance-rave party a few streets over from campus and went to a climbing competition. Saturday night non-drinking activities are pretty common--its pretty easy to still have fun and not drink here.