Colorado College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The administration has no idea what the students need. They spend so much trying to recruit new students that they often seem to forget the students that already attend. There is no transparancy in campus affairs and they don't try to help you when you have a problem at all.


The block plan can be very challenging if you're not well organized or if you tend towards procrastination.


Some people can be really snotty. They think they are a lot cooler than they actually are and the overwhelming number of extremely wealthy students doesn't help things.


There is a fundamental disconnect between administrative offices on campus. For example, it is difficult, as a transfer student, to get credit for courses in my major area (Environmental Science) because the Registrar's office does not adequately communicate with the academic departments on campus. Also, in order to sign up for some classes, a student must get permision from the professor and then sign up at the registar's office. However, it seldom is as easy as this. Often times, one must run across campus several times to make one's request go through.


I struggle every year with the high cost of tuition at CC. I see the financial advisors who are very friendly and helpful, but they can only do so much. I work two on-campus work study jobs in addition to class which can be very stressful. I have also taken out many loans to pay for school. I believe that the education I am receiving is worth the trouble, but it is quite a lot of trouble.


The location in Colorado Springs can be hostile sometimes. But the mountains makes up for everything negative.


I can barely afford it.


social life