Colorado College Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


Everyone at CC is thought to be a rich hippie liberal from the east coast.


The biggest stereotype about Colorado College Students is that they are all pot-smoking hippies.


Lots of drugs, especially alcohol and pot Rich kids Hard workers, hard partiers


A bunch of pseudo-communist, vegan, dreadlock-having, hippy, trust-afarians


Hippies, pretty wealthy upperclass students


well the stereotype used to be hippies, but that isn't really true anymore. Now all we have are trustafarians (rich kids who think shopping second-hand for the first time in their life makes them a hippie) but there is a huge outdoorsmen presence on campus. The ORC – outdoor recreation committee is one of the largest organizations on campus and the amount of professional outdoorsmen (skiers, climbers, cyclists, etc.) on campus is pretty high. We also get the reputation for being a liberal, rich, white kids school. One of my friends even ran into a woman at the airport that said “oh yeah, that’s where all those socialists go to school.” The culture of the student body is quickly changing though so I can't really comment on the direction it's going.


heady kids who climb burly mountains and shred gnarly slopes


That CC is composed of mainly hippies and pot smokers


Hippie school, lots of pot, only for outdoorsy kids.


Rich, white, upper-class snobs who like to pretend otherwise but are simply incapable in the long run of hiding their societal status.


New-age dirty hippie, organic eating skiier and hiker.


Colorado College is known for being a school filled with "trustifarians" - wealthy kids who leave their polos behind, grow dreadlocks, smoke weed, don't wear shoes, and dream of fighting the system in which they were raised. Academically, it is said to be highly challenging and a unique approach to learning.


Students at Colorado College buy clothes at Goodwill that they pay for with money from their parents trust fund and are concerned with environmental/world issues even though their parents pay tuition by clubbing baby seals for a living.


That all the students are crunchy hippies.


CC students are a bunch of rich hippies. CC is composed of upper middle class white kids. CC is a very liberal campus.


Hippy and Pot Head


That they're all stoner, rock-climbing pseudo-hippies who are actually rich, white east-coasters. Diversity is slim (though the college tries hard to change that) but uber-liberal ideologies abound.


Hippy Hipsters, not diverse (meaning white and straight), relaxed, hardworking, sincere, stoned, adventurous, intelligent.


We're all tree-dwelling, drunk, liberal hippies who don't shave and slackline all afternoon between sessions of ultimate frisbee. CC has a great reputation for it's quality of education and quirkiness.


That we are hippies...and that we ski a lot?


Hippies, stoners, rich, white, intelligent slackers, self-absorbed activists, dedicated.


There are a lot of hippy-type people who smoke a lot of pot.


It's a hippie school, it's liberal, outdoorsy, the students only have serious relationships or they hook up but they don't date, relationships only last 1 block, students are fun loving but smart, rich kids...


The number one stereotype about Colorado College students is we are all hippies. Some others are that we smoke a lot of weed, are environmental freaks, and love the outdoors, especially snow sports.


In a relatively conservative town, CC students are seen as a bunch of hippies who love to run around outside and play


hippies, phish, tie die, nakedness, friendly, anything goes, active, intelligent, good beer, vegans


Hippies, smart, liberal to boot, outdoorsy


we are all hippies! we smoke lots of weed and hug trees! oh, we are pretty smart as well......... we love the mountains (we are at the base of pikes peak) and the outdoors!


There is a big hippie stereotype that is and has been fading out. I don't think there is much of a hippie population at all anymore and the remnants are just 'trustafarians' - rastafarians with trust funds. That is another big stereotype, that the students are mainly rich, white kids which is predominantly, and unfortunately, true. There are a lot of outdoorsy kids though and the hipster scene is on the rise.


Its pretty often quoted that CC students are "trustafarian" ski bums. I guess on some level its true. At CC you will find a group of students who go to pretty extreme lengths to distance themselves from their high class up bringing. I think we also have a reputation of being a bunch of hippies/granola outdoorsy types. This again is kind of true, but it has a positive side: hippies are nice, extremely generous with their pot, and generally fun to talk to. Plus, you should go to school in the Rockies if you don't want to go outside.


Smart people, very liberal, rich kids


Liberal, non-religous, hard-working, hard-partying, committed, enjoy outdoor activities


Trustafarians and neon cooks.


-strong student interest in outdoors -lack of diversity in student body -common marijuana smoking and heavy drinking -block plan really different and exciting


It's a hippie school, people drink a lot, smoke a lot. It is however, like the trade-secret liberal arts school.


Hippies, stoners, athletic types


That all the students are hippies and smoke a lot of marijuana


liberal hippies


the students are rich hippies. everyone loves to go skiing or snowboarding.


outdoorsey, liberal, wealthy


hippies, skiers, rich, liberal


That we are all rich white upper-middle class kids that smoke a lot of pot and expect everything to be handed to us on a platter.


nalgenes, day glow, sunglasses, plaid shirts


That we are liberal/hippie pot smokers.


Everyone is a white rich hippie.


The stereotypical CC student is a nature-loving, vegetarian hippie, who showers once a month and seeks world peace.


Upper-middle-class suburban kids, trying desperately to be awesome grungy hippie types. Nalgenes, anyone? Northface fleece? Bare feet?


they are all rich hippies


Trustafarian Hippies and Prep-School East-Coast Snobs


Most people laugh about the fact that CC is a school of rich kids who want to be hippies. Although the tuition certainly necessitates a more affluent population, most students are very down-to-earth and like to get involved and be outdoors. Despite their tolerant and welcoming reputation, the school has surprisingly few minorities: it's very white. The school is perceived, especially by the town of Colorado Springs, as being extremely liberal and kind of being a world within a town that is totally separate, even to the point of there being very little police involvement on campus. Most students are very interested in hiking or backpacking or some kind of sports, but they try also to be very socially active. The stereotypical CC kid is wearing Chocos, a wrinkled teeshirt, probably hasn't showered that day and (if a boy) is sporting some stubble.