Colorado College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If someone is not comfortable with a more laid back lifestyle at school, who are not comfortable with casual alcohol or drugs, don't enjoy the outdoors a least a little, and aren't willing to fully immerse themselves in one subject for three and a half weeks, they will not be a good fit for Colorado College.


The main concern for attending Colorado College is if a person can not handle taking one class at a time and being completely imersed in that one class. Otherwise, most types of people would enjoy this school. If a person is looking for a large school with a stong greek presence, this is also not the school for them to come to as it is very small and greek life does not play a huge role in the social scene. They are, however, a great way to meet people!


Colorado College operates on a block system which means you take one class every three and a half weeks. If you do not do well with accelerated learning this is not the educational program for you.


I would suggest that someone who does not like the "big city" atmosphere should not attend this school. Although UCLA is jokingly refered to as "a city within a city", venturing out into Los Angeles can be an arduous and disheartening experience if one is not used to traffic, looming buildings and crowds of people. Futher, I would not suggest this school for someone who does not like large classrooms. Most classes at this university have at least thirty people in each class, often more. That being said, this school has great energy and adjusting can be accomplished.


Closed-minded people should not attend CC since this college tends to go against the norms. Taking one class per month (the block plan) is not common. The basic graduation requirements are not the standard English, Mathematics, and Science. Instead, the requirements force students to take classes in different fields in an attempt to open their eyes to new subjects and mold them into well-rounded individuals. Many classes resemble round-table discussions in which the ideas of the students and the professors are equally taken into account; almost everyone, including professors, is addressed by first name.


Colorado College is on the block program, so we only take one class at a time for three and a half weeks. I personally like the opportunity this gives me to focus on each class I take, but the workload is intense and some people can't follow this kind of schedule. People who need to spread their studying out over multiple subjects should not attend Colorado College.


People who can not multitast and deal with rapid change.


Any religious person or any conservatives. You will simply deal with discrimination every day.


Students who are expecting any amount of financial aid. Students who are uncomfortable dealing with race or sexuality issues. Students who don't like binge drinking. Students who don't like to cram. Students who want to go to law school. Students who don't want to be broke when they graduate from college. Students who are serious athletes.


Someone who is not open to all people, someone who is not physically active, someone who is extremely sensitive


Someone who is closed minded sholdn't attend CC. They should like to be outdoors since most people go camping or skiing on block breaks. Also someone who is looking for a traditional college experience or a big greek life scene.