Colorado Mesa University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Transferring from a different school has really allowed me to compare the students and campus life. Although CMU has a more relaxed, fun, and vibrant campus experience I have noticed that as a majority my classmates are slightly less studious compared to my previous school. That being said there is a better fine arts program and everyone I've met in that field has been dedicated and hard-working. The people I'm around are friendly and nice and I couldn't ask for a better college experience!


They keep to themselfs.


My classmates seem to go with the flow.


My classmates were fun, supportive, and exceptionally good students.


My classmates are usually respectful of the professors. They usually approach the professors before and after class to discuss attendance issues, grades, and assignments. Although it is supposed to be a dry campus, Colorado Mesa University has had incidents regarding substance and alcohol abuse on campus and in dormitories.


Kind and friendly.


The people I've met from Mesa seem nice.


All of my classmates at Mesa State are kind, considerate and willing to provide help if they can in any way possible


The people that I attend school with are for the most part very friendly and always willing to help when help is needed. I like that I do not feel intimidated when I come to class and even when I first came as a freshman I felt very comfortable even though I was a few states away from home.


I am surrounded by a mixture of classmates, while some apply themselves and work to be the best that they can be i am also surrounded by students who slack off and dont care and let life pass them by.


Everyone I encounter is very friendly and will help you out with almost anything


Classmates are cool for the most part, although some can be close-minded and discriminatory.


Depending on the class, you really get to know alot of the people and about them and some people you may have multiply classes with, which makes it alot easier to become friends with them.