Colorado Mesa University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for it's amazing nursing program as well as some competeitve sports.


Cutting eyeballs from fish that we must fillet for cooking classes...


From what I know, the drama program is highly supported by the community. The cheer and dance programs compete nationally. They also boast student-run television and radio stations. They have a strong support and are quite successful in all athletics.


My school is best known for their performing arts program and baseball facilities.


My school is probably best known for our athletics program. All of our sports are played well and have won numerous awards. Most notably our football which in 2004 won the prestigious NCAA Sportsmanship Award.


My school is best known for the way it is growing in size and respectability. All the majors have become very influential and buildings have been updated to the allow us to have the best possible equipment to learn. It is one of the fastest growing colleges and it continues to get bigger every year.


Mesa State is most known for it's nursing program, since it's one of the top nursing programs in the United States.




Mesa State is best known for Curtis Martin, played for the San Diego Chargers 1987 to mid 1990's, he once went to school at Mesa State and played as a wide reciver.