Colorado Mesa University Top Questions

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I love how big our school is into the outdoors and that it's not to big. I don't like schools that have a ton of people, but Mesa is perfect. It's so easy to take a 5 minute drive and be out of town to hike. I guess I'm just trying to say that I love the location!


It has a great location.


Really the location, its not huge and not tiny, Grand Junciton is a perfect size for competition and experience.


Mesa State College (now Colorado Mesa University) offers a complete college experience with a smaller, more intimate campus. The campus is small, but there are as many opportunities as a large university.


Small campus, awesome student life, and great professors with small classes.


Mesa is not what i would call a big school. But, it is big enough. I find unique that i have a good relationship with all of my professors. I know all of them by their first name and they know me by my first name. I do not believe that you can get that at many colleges.


Mesa State College is very close to home so I can come home when ever i want and I can see my parents often.


My school is unique because of it has small classrooms that allow students and teachers to reciprocate learning. It is just not one way around. Also, it is in a great area that is close to not only hiking and camping but to snow boarding and ice climbing! Also, it participates in the National Student Exchange program which is how I discovered it and eventually just transferred there because I loved it so much!


The location is beautiful due to the breathtaking mountain views. Also, All of my professors that I have had here are quite enjoyable. They are knowledgeable, understanding, and humerous.