Colorado Mesa University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person who is open to have a good time and be around a diverse group of people. The diversity and the opportunities offered from the school are by far outstanding for the community that is there. There are clubs for everything as well as a extensive list after hour activities such as rock climbing, yoga, zumba, billards, video games, ping pong and much more. It is hard to be bored at the school. There are amazing, genuine people who care and fun things to do. When you mix those two qualities together it is hard to frown.


I think students from all walks of life should consider this school. It has the college atmosphere while simultaneously being perfect for commuters. This school has a high young student demographic, but it still would be a great school for someone going back to school. It may not be ideal for students looking to study computer science or business. It has a good fine arts program and the merit based scholarship is something I wish I had known about from the start. It’s an incredible school with a decent price tag.


The person who attends should be open-minded and ready to experience the greatest chapters in their life. This person needs to enjoy learning, enjoy having fun and meeting every type of person and personality imaginable. The person attending Mesa cannot be a quitter, but has a desire to succeed, and if there is any doubt about your ability to succeed, talk to a friend, an advisor, or anyone you feel close to because they will not let you fail, and they will direct you to those who will ensure your success.


A person chooses Colorado Mesa Univeristy because they are eager to learn, grow, and achieve. Colorado Mesa provides the best instruction, the right tools, and offers a rigorous and diverse curriculum. In our small school setting, the university delivers personal hands-on education. But an outstanding education is only one part of what makes going to collge here a rewarding experience. Colorado Mesa sits in the middle of some of the best recreation in the West. It is one of the most active schools around. They offer some of the lowest titution cost for the quality of eduction provided.


This is becoming an extraordinary institution. It's growing in size and functionality but still feels constricted by the wonder that is Grand Junction. It's small and homey while pushing that collegiate air all at the same time. Mesa State is known for it's nursing program and the Vocal Music faculty is nationally renowned. I do believe it has ambitions to unite with the Colorado State University campus and become an affiliate, like CSU West or something.


Mesa State College is a very great college for performing arts, business, and pre law. Mesa offers a lot of outdoor activities.


The ideal Mesa State student would be someone who really loves the great outdoors and recreational activities related to being outside. There are many opportunities for hikers, bikers, rafters, climbers, etc. in the almost revoltionary Mesa State outdoors club. They offer travel as an option there as well.


Someone who does better in a small-classroom environment. The class sizes are smaller than major universities, which allow more student-teacher interaction and attention. They teachers actually care if you show up to class, and are more supportive and encouraging in your education. Mesa State was a better value for my education. They have a more hands-on, student centered classroom, with projects-based learning. Whereas, major university have a teacher-centered classroom consisting of 300 students listening to a lecture.


Mesa State college is such a diverse campus. I don't think one specific kind of person should come here, because I think anyone could come here and be happy. If you are looking for a pretty small campus, with small classes, and over qualified professors, Mesa State is perfect for you.


The type of person that should attend this school, is someone that is focused and knows what they would like to do just needs the guidance to achieve it.


conservitave, small town kids, or kids from out of state looking for a small college with access to the west and outdoor sports


Someone who is into the outdoors, the location is beautiful and we are lucky to experience all four seasons. This allows for winter sports, hiking, golfing, biking, etc. It is a good place for active people.


Someone that loves to have a fun while learning


an outdoorys person who enjoys a smaller town